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Ayam Brand celebrates NS; introduces newly-packaged sardine tins with slim, modern design

Ayam Brand celebrates NS; introduces newly-packaged sardine tins with slim, modern design

Ayam Brand, a household name for canned sardines in Singapore, recently introduced its newly-packaged sardines tins that are slim and modern in design and easy-to-easy. This range of sardine tins are made using Mediterranean recipes with Extra Virgin Oil as well as oriental recipes like Teriyaki to cater to a wide range of palates.

Back in the early days (likely even before my NS days in the 90s), National Servicemen would recall bringing a prized possession along with them in their ration pack when they head out for their field trips. This much-loved possession came in a form of Ayam Brand sardines tomato sauce, packed in its classic red and yellow tins. Now, our young men can look forward to a brand new range of sardines, packed in smaller, easy-to-carry and open tins:

“Mealtimes are more than just mealtimes in the army, but also an opportunity to reflect and appreciate what we have with our new-found families and the true camaraderie spirit. Ayam Brand is close to the hearts of many of our National Servicemen and brings back fond memories of their field trips in the army. For others, it was their first introduction to Ayam Brand sardines. Hence, we are proud to be the supporting sponsor for the Ah Boys to Men: The Musical as the brand has also evolve together with our young men. Over the years, the brand has cater to the different consumer palates with our wide range of flavours. We are excited to share that everyone who attends the musical will receive an Ayam Brand N.S Survival Camp Kit, which comes complete with a can of the new Ayam Brand sardines!” said Mr Roy Teo, Managing Director of Clouet Trading Pte Ltd.

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Further to its popular sardine product, which is rich in Omega 3 and essential nutrients such as Iron and Calcium, Ayam Brand carries a wide range of products such as baked beans, tuna, mackerel, coconut and curry paste – most of which have been certified Healthier Choice Symbol by Health Promotion Board. These products are sold at major supermarkets islandwide at S$2.20 per 120g can.

Thanks to the folks from Ayam Brand, I was invited to the gala opening night of the Ah Boys to Men musical at Resorts World Sentosa:

Ayam Brand media registration

Ayam Brand media registration

Two show hosts at the red carpet

Two show hosts at the red carpet

Ending of the musical

Ending of the musical

I met a few other friends there, mostly males and we had a good time bonding over our different NS experiences, before and after the show. The musical was entertaining and followed the storyline of the movies closely. The young cast performed well, especially Wang Wei Liang (Lobang) who gave a heart-felt rendition of a Chinese song on brotherhood. My only complain was the overdose of vulgar and explicit content. I can accept these, but beyond a certain point, they stopped being funny.

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Ah Boys to Men: The Musical is showing at Resorts World Sentosa till 4 May 2014.

About Ayam Brand

120 years ago, Ayam Brand’s founder, Alfred Clouet created the brand consisting of a rooster in a rounded belt that had his name on it. He started importing sardines with the rooster brand in 1899. As members of the trade and consumers started giving the name “Cap Ayam” to these canned sardines for easy reference, Mr Clouet then had a genius idea to take on this local name which is a unique blend of Malay and English. In modern terms, that would probably be named as “a user-generated” brand.

One of the greatest achievements in Ayam Brand’s marketing history was winning a gold medal at the Universal Exposition in Paris (1900), canned food was highly regarded as top technology then. This medal can still be seen on the Sardines and the Mackerel cans today. Ayam Brand’s mission has always been focused on the simple and recognised idea of providing loyal consumers with products of a distinctive quality.

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Ayam Brand possesses a deep knowledge about its products, from sourcing of the raw materials; managing the production, to marketing expertise and research. It maintains high level control over its quality to ensure consistency for all the products.

Ayam brand is now available in 30 countries including Australia, Canada, USA and Europe with the help of its latest acquisition in 2012, a distribution company in Paris, France.

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