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Ramen Kegetsu Arashi @ The Cathay

Ramen Kegetsu Arashi @ The Cathay

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi is ranked the third most popular ramen chain in Japan with more than 290 outlets worldwide. They currently have three outlets in Singapore at The Star Vista, Tampines 1 and The Cathay:

The restaurant chain is famed for their Garlic Tonkotsu broth which is thick, flavourful and packs a stinging bite from the liberal use of garlic.

To cater to the local palate, two exclusive dishes have been introduced to their menu in Singapore: Ginjiro ramen and Itameshi dry curry rice.

Here are the items I sampled at the restaurant in The Cathay:

Ginjiro Ramen (S$13.90)

Ginjiro Ramen (S$13.90)

Itameshi dry curry rice (S$12.90)

Itameshi dry curry rice (S$12.90)

Arashi Genkotsu Sio Ramen

Arashi Genkotsu Sio Ramen

Pork cutlet

Pork cutlet

Gyoza (S$6)

Gyoza (S$6)

The Ginjiro ramen is served with bone bones broth, rich in collagen and plated together with dried bonito, kelp, among other ingredients.

For the dry curry rice, the rice is slightly scorched to create a crispy texture and smoky aroma.

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Much attention is paid to the condiments, including the following:

  • Freshly crushed garlic
  • In-house seasoned chives prepared daily
  • Imported japanese black pepper
  • Soy sauce made from Kegetsu Ramen’s secret recipe, passed down from generations

I like the ramen and the broth, but the dry curry did not work for me. I am not a fan of hotdogs and I prefer my curry wet. My recommendation is to stick to the ramen which they are famous for.

Here’s the address to their restaurant in The Cathay:

2 Handy Road, #B1-01/02/03, The Cathay, Singapore 229233
Tel: +65-6736-3055
Operating Hours: 11.30am to 10pm

For more information on their other outlets, promotions and other details, please visit their Ramen Kegetsu Arashi’s official facebook page. 

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