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NTUC First Campus – It Began With You

Are you familiar with NTUC First Campus?

NTUC First Campus (NFC) is a pioneering childcare operator in Singapore, established since the 1970s. It manages three pre-school brands which parents with young children will be familiar with – My First Skool, The little Skool-House International and The Caterpillar’s Cove.

NFC runs a total of 120 centres island-wide, guided by the principle that every child deserves a good start in life. Its social mission is to ensure that every child, regardless of social or economic background, can receive quality and affordable early childhood care and education.

It is with these in mind that NFC embarks on a social recruitment campaign to promote the appreciation for pre-school educators and encourage more to fulfill their aspirations in joining the early childhood care and education industry. I am happy to know of this campaign spearheaded by NFC and am more than willing to help spread the words.

Personally, I have great respect for people working as pre-school educators, just like those in the nursing professions. These are jobs which require a lot of care and patience.

Close your eyes and visualise what a pre-school educator should be like – does a kind, parent-like figure comes to mind?

Can you picture yourself as this person?

If you can, the future of Singapore may just lie in your nurturing hands:

If you love children and believe you can make a difference in the little ones’ lives, consider sending your resume over for a career with NTUC First Campus.

NFC works hard to establish support network and career advancement opportunities for their staff. Both new and current teachers can develop their knowledge and skills in their tailored training programs, as well as learn the best practices through regular meetings and forums.

To find out more about NFC careers and positions available, do visit their official social recruitment website – It Began with You.  or their official facebook page. 

Meanwhile, if you are undecided, consider taking this online challenge to find out if you can understand a child will and have what it takes to be a pre-school teacher:

NTUC First Campus - It Began With You - Alvinology

NFC is giving away S$50 CapitaMall vouchers weekly for participants of the online challenge. In addition, there is also a grand prize of a travel package worth S$1,500. Try out the online challenge HERE on Facebook or HERE if you do not have a facebook account. Have fun. 🙂

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