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Way Better Chips

I love chips.

I know they are unhealthy and have been cutting down my intake under Rachel’s urging.

When the folks at Le Bono Collection contacted me about sampling their Way Better Chips, I was curious to find out more.

There are many chips in the market that promise to be healthier, yet tastier. How does Way Better Chips position itself?

The emphasis is on sprouted ingredients like grain, vegetable and bean seeds for Way Better Chips. Other than being packed with nutrition, they are said to fully take advantage of these nutrients they have to be made available for our bodies to process.

Check out this video:

All their chips are certified gluten free, non GMO, certified 100% whole grain, certified kosher and low sodium. Each packet of chips are packed with ingredients like organic sprouted chia seeds, daikon radish seeds, flax seeds, quinoa and broccoli seeds:

You can see the ingredients on the chip itself
You can see the ingredients on the chip itself

Way Better Chips are available in six flavours: Simply Sunny Multi Grain, Simply Sweet Potato, Simply Beyond Black Beans, Simply Sweet Chili, Simply Unbeatable Blues and No Salt Naked Blues.

I tried these three flavours
I tried these three flavours

How do they taste?

Taste test!
Taste test!

Pretty good!

I like the texture and the fact that I can see the grains and other ingredients on individual chips. My sole complain is that there are way too little chips in each packet. I can count the number of chips if I want to.

If you are interested in buying Way Better Chips, they are available from these retailers in Singapore:

Real Food | SG Organic | Zenxin Organic Food | mylifeinc.com | Swiss Butchery | Group Therapy Coffee | Eat Organic | Food Advisory | Central Park | Rawvolution | The Straits Wine Company | The Nutrition Clinic | Intrepid Gastro Bar | Upper Crust

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