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Month: March 2012

Alvinology’s Best of Draw Something

Draw Something is an awesome time-waster. I love to draw since young. Expectantly, when the Draw Something drawing social game started going viral worldwide, I got hooked. Here are some of my proudest finger speed drawing accomplished on Draw Something so far. All the drawings are done in a minute or so,...

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Sultan Kebab @ Peace Centre

This is one the place I go to for my comfort food – Sultan Kebab at Peace Centre. Of all the kebab kiosks I have tried in Singapore, they serve one of the best. The menu is pretty simple – beef or chicken kebab only, served in either a sandwich, a wrap, iskender or with rice. $7.50 standard price. The beef kebab tend to sell out earlier than the chicken. Hence be there earlier if you prefer beef. I been wondering for the longest time why don’t they prepare more beef if they know the beef sells better… The two...

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Alvinology on Instagram

I had been quietly playing with Instragram for quite a while. Here’s a link to my webstragram to view my photos on a non-mobile web interface. Otherwise, look for @alvinology on mobile to reach me on Instragram. 🙂 Here are a few of my favourite images I took over the past months to share with everyone. I find taking photos on my mobile phone a good way to document the small little moments in my daily lives. It’s like a little visual diary. Instead of writing, a photo can sometime captures so much...

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The Ship Restaurant & Bar (船餐厅酒店) @ Nex Mall

Rachel and I were eager to try out The Ship restaurant which has been around in Singapore since 1977. The restaurant at Nex is their second, with the main restaurant located at Shaw Centre. The food was average at the Nex branch. I find it overpriced for dinner. A meal for two came up to around S$70, without drinks and appertisers. If you are looking for a western restaurant in Nex mall, consider going to Hot Tomato instead. The food quality is the same, but at half the price. To be fair, service was excellent though and the restaurant has a...

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Have you met the “Four Beauties of Lianhe Wanbao”《晚报4美》?

Here’s something funny and light-hearted to share with everyone on a Friday night – introducing, the “Four Beauties of Lianhe Wanbao”《晚报4美》: I did not make this up hor. Chinese evening tabloid newspaper, Lianhe Wanbao《联合晚报》recently started a lifestyle series called 《4美菜篮子》(Four Beauties’ Baskets). The daily series feature four of Wanbao’s female journalists (小雨、小晶、小欣 and 小馨), taking turn to introduce good food and shopping tips to readers. You can read some of the articles written by the four beauties via the official Lianhe Wanbao blog. 晚报推出全新《4美菜篮子》系列! 晚报4美小雨、小晶、小欣和小馨,每天为读者介绍哪里有好吃、好康的好料! 晚报4美都是《联合晚报》的年轻前线记者,在追踪新闻之余,也不忘为读者通报好康。 Their Chinese profile descriptions are quite cute. Let me attempt to translate: 大美小雨,超典型的温柔大方小姐,最善解人意。 Big Beauty...

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