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Sultan Kebab @ Peace Centre

Sultan Kebab @ Peace Centre
Sultan Kebab

Sultan Kebab

This is one the place I go to for my comfort food – Sultan Kebab at Peace Centre. Of all the kebab kiosks I have tried in Singapore, they serve one of the best.

The menu is pretty simple – beef or chicken kebab only, served in either a sandwich, a wrap, iskender or with rice. $7.50 standard price.

Beef kebab sandwich

Beef kebab sandwich

Beef kebab wrap

Beef kebab wrap

Full view of the restaurant

Full view of the restaurant

The beef kebab tend to sell out earlier than the chicken. Hence be there earlier if you prefer beef. I been wondering for the longest time why don’t they prepare more beef if they know the beef sells better…

The two chefs there are Turkish and the food is halal. One of them is pretty good-looking. Ladies will be pleased with the eye candy. 🙂

Address: 1 Sophia Road, #01-15 Peace Centre
Tel: +65 6338 8750
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 9pm

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  1. Alvin

    Went there last weekend, they are gone. Anyone know where they relocated to?

  2. AT

    Heard from the neighbors that they have left sg, visa can’t be renewed?? =(


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