The Promise - "Angry Bird" for Alvinology - Alvinology

The Promise – “Angry Bird” for Alvinology

"Angry Bird" for Alvinology - The Promise
"Angry Bird" for Alvinology - The Promise

I know this is a viral marketing campaign for PayPal, nonetheless, it inflated my ego enough to get me to deliberately “fall into their trap” and blog about this.

Since last week, a boyband called “The Promise” uploaded a series of videos dedicated to 20 bloggers, of which one was dedicated to yours truly on my “Real Life Angry Bird” blog post.

The boy band and music videos’ main objective is to improve awareness about safer online shopping in a fun and creative manner. You can visit the official website for more information.

The Promise - Eugene, Nicholas, Erik and Josh
The Promise - Eugene, Nicholas, Erik and Josh

If you find the video entertaining and amusing, do share it on Facebook or Twitter via the hash tag, #promisekept.

I did. 🙂

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