What's your desire? Unveiled! - Alvinology

What’s your desire? Unveiled!

What's your desire? Unveiled! - AlvinologyRemember my teaser post on “What’s your desire”?

Well, here’s the answer to the mystery. The teaser is for the launch of the new HTC Desire S smart phone:

What's your desire? Unveiled! - AlvinologyAll I need is my Desire.

HTC Desire S, the newest addition to the HTC’s impressive ‘Desire’ series of smartphones. A phone that is so handy that you can do basically anything with it in your daily life.

In conjunction with the new launch of HTC Desire S, we would like to challenge you to be kept under ‘house arrest’ within the Glass House for a 3-day duration where you will be living and attempting to complete a series of tasks and challenges solely with the aid of a HTC Smartphone!

Come join us between 15 to 17 April 2011 (Friday to Sunday), at VivoCity Central Court B and be part of the HTC “All I Need Is My Desire!” Glass House Challenge”

What's your desire? Unveiled! - AlvinologyIs your curiosity piqued? If so, do sign up for the HTC “All I Need Is My Desire!” Glass House Challenge at the official website. To be eligible to compete in the challenge, you need to be among the top 20 participants in the mini game on the website. Have fun! 🙂

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