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Hong Kong Summer Spectacular with HKTB – A Prelude

My ten wonderful bloggers travel companion :)
My ten wonderful bloggers travel companion 🙂

Approximately a month back in July, I had the privilege to fly to Hong Kong for a 4D3N hosted trip together with ten cool bloggers (Camemberu, Aussie Pete, Lawrence Huang, Sze Ping, Ang Geck Geck, Elaine Chua, Shinnpark, Darren Ng, Jerome Limand Violet Lim), courtesy of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB).

The ten of them have written many amazing blog entries on a specially created shared blog on omy.sg already – you should check out their blog if you have not. Remember to vote for your favourite blogger after reading their blog posts – you can stand to win a trip to Hong Kong for yourself too by voting.

I spend a total of 6 days in Hong Kong as I extended the 4D3N trip to 6D4N. Rachel flew in to join me at a later timing (she was there to do her own friends visiting and story chasing, but had timed her trip to coincide with mine). We mostly went our separate ways, sans on the last two day after the bloggers flew back to Singapore and I shifted with her to a smaller, budget hotel.

My meal on my Cathy Pacific flight
My meal on my Cathy Pacific flight

Most of the time in Hong Kong, the ten bloggers were my companions (and the other working crew, Siew Kian, Ming Choy, both also from omy.sg, and Vivien, from HKTB). It’s very fun to travel with fellow bloggers. My Shanghai Expo trip with Coca-Cola was my first such experience and this Hong Kong trip with HKTB being the second.

Unlike usual travelers, bloggers are armed with an array of tech gadgets from DSLRs to netbooks to smartphones, all so to bring our readers the latest updates on blogs, twitter, facebook or other social media channels.

Bloggers are also generally more inquisitive and observant, seeing things others might have missed, recording tonnes of photos and videos so as to sieve out the finest to post online.

The ten bloggers who traveled together with me to Hong Kong are all specialists in different topics, being all different categories winners or runner-ups at the Singapore Blog Awards 2010. Each focused their attention on different subjects – eg. Camemberu on food (Best Food Blog winner) and Sze Ping on photos (Best Photography Blog runner-up). Reading their blog entries give ten vastly different perspective of a similar trip. Amazing isn’t it?

It is an impossible task to try to out-do the blog entries written by the ten bloggers. What I shall do instead is to stick to my usual documentary-style travelogue, coupled with the many photos and videos I took. In this way, readers can get a complete chronicle of the trip, sans the juicy details which should be read on the ten bloggers’ shared blog.

This is a prelude entry to a series of six blog entries which I will put up for my six days in Hong Kong. Stay tuned k? I will try to post the first one up by this weekend latest. 🙂 Meanwhile, check out the ten bloggers’ shared blog!

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