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KFC Pwned

Via Google.

If you search for the term “KFC” in Singapore, probably to get the number for their home delivery hotline, this is the result you will see on Google:

KFC pwned by MacDonald
KFC pwned by McDonald

Clever search engine marketing by McDonald Singapore. KFC should buy the “mcdonald” keyword to counter? 🙂

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  1. Is this any different than Coffee Bean opening up beside Starbucks?

    It’s about choice, isn’t it? Competitions are won based on knowledge and skill. If that skill means knowing where to put an ad in front of someone who is hungry, so what?

    Maybe all the guys down at Lau Pa Sat shouldn’t be allowed to coax you to their stall?

    This isn’t “interesting” or “newsworthy.”

    Google is free because advertisers pay money. Get used to it.

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