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Alvin and Rachel at ROM

Powerful documents which tie two people together for life
Powerful documents which tie two people together for life

Nothing really romantic here, but just thought I might as well document it as it represents an important phase of my life with Rachel.

Rachel and I headed to the Registry of Marriage (ROM) on 28 Jan, earlier this year. This was to collect the documents that were needed for our wedding solemnisation on 2 Feb.

As the ROM building at Canning Rise is undergoing renovation, we went to the Ministry of National Development Building, Annexe B, where their office is temporarily housed on the 4th floor.  The name itself gives away the drab, colourless appearance of the building.

At the ROM, we have to take a queue number and wait for our turn whereby an officer will tend to our marriage registration.

The queue moved very quickly in general. However, our turn was held up slightly as the old man before us had a young bride who could only speak Vietnamese. A last minute interpreter had to be called in. It seems this “老牛吃嫩草” phenomenon is very prevalent in Singapore as we saw quite a few other such couples.

Most of the couples do not seem to be two Singapore-born citizens like Rachel and I. With globalisation and the heavy influx of foreigners into Singapore, couples like us could well be the exception rather than the norm.

When it was our turn to register our marriage, we were serviced by a very friendly officer who took effort to crack small jokes with us. He got us to read out our marriage contract and acknowledge that we both know what we are signing for before registering our marriage.

The nice ROM officer who tended to us
The nice ROM officer who tended to us
Our ICs and our moms' ICs
Our ICs and our moms’ ICs

It was over in less than ten minutes.

That was all.

That’s how Rachel and I decided to spend the rest of our life together. 🙂

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