Alvinology's India Odyssey - Alvinology

Alvinology’s India Odyssey

Alvinology's India Odyssey - Alvinology

In a few hours time, I will be on a Kingfisher flight to Mumbai together with Rachel. We will meet our friend, Jeremy, who flew there a day earlier as he has more leaves to burn.

We will spend two nights in Mumbai and then take a flight to Delhi together. At Delhi, Jeremy’s friend, Hui Tee will be flying in from Singapore to complete our four person travel crew.

All four of us are visiting India for the first time. After reading through over a dozen travel guide books and consulting our friends who visited India before, Rachel and I got rather jittery about the drinking water problem. The water in India is not suitable for untrained stomach, unused to the native bacteria.

Rachel and I do not want to suffer from diarrhea throughout the trip because of the water. We stocked up heavily on diarrhea medicines and will take note to avoid ice; salad and fruits (water is needed to wash these) and any other food that may be tainted with water.  Hope we don’t lao sai man!

In total, Rachel and I will be in India for 14 days. We will be visiting Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Agra in Delhi. Itinerary also includes visiting the beautiful Taj Mahal. Stay tuned to this blog for day-by-day accounts of the entire trip when I am back.

Meanwhile, this blog will still be updated daily on weekdays, via archived entries. Do continue to visit. 🙂

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