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Dine, Shop, Art @ Esplanade

Esplanade welcomes you for picnics
Esplanade welcomes you for picnics
Choosing the right spot
Choosing the right spot

These two photos were taken on a random weekend at Esplanade. Can really see foreign workers, youths and families alike, answering to Esplanade’s call for them to dine there.

Great river view, ample lighting, near to MRT station, isn’t the Esplanade bay area the perfect place for people to have picnics? I will bring my family there for a durian picnic during the next durian season. :p

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  1. 2years ago I sat on their grass, they chased me and my friends away.
    back then if i’m not wrong there was signs “No stepping/walking on grass” or something.

    now allow picnic? oh well, I think the grass will soon wither

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