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Ris Low to retake exam, undergo stricter probation laws

Ris Low loves to appear to newspaper covers
Ris Low loves to appear to newspaper covers

There seems to be no end to the controversies surrounding recently dethroned Miss Singapore World 2009, Ris Low.

The latest news is that Ris has been barred from shopping alone and also made to retake her exams at a private educational institution she studied in.

A district court ordered that she be accompanied by a relative when shopping. It was among stricter terms imposed on her yesterday, in a regular review of her progress during her 24 months’ probation.

With regards on her having to retake her exams, Ris had been found with some notes inside her pencil case during the original examination in August this year, said her lawyer, Mr Sng Kheng Huat.

You can read the full reports on omy.sg:

Stricter probation laws for Ris Low

Ris Low has to retake exam

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  1. wow……unbelievable

    first it was her language
    followed by credit card, with bipolar causing it?
    catfight between clair and her, about who’s the backstabber
    now exam found with notes

    will this saga ever end?

    Stay Tuned~

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