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The Mussel Guys Restaurant (VivoCity)


That sums up my experience at the interestingly named seafood restaurant, The Mussel Guys at VivoCity. I dined there with my colleague, Han Joo, some time back, after the CLing launch event.

Inside the restaurant
Inside the restaurant

We were really famished then, and anything should have tasted twice as good, but I found my fish and chips really ordinary – just like those you can get at the ubiquitous western food stall found in most hawker centres.

We chose to dine there because there were long queues outside most of the other restaurants at VivoCity. We should really have followed the crowd.

My hawker centre fish and chips
My hawker centre fish and chips
Han Joos seafood pasta (I dont remember her praising the mussels...)
Han Joo's seafood pasta (I don't remember her praising the mussels...)

Then again, given the name of the restaurant, their specialty should be mussels I guess? I do not eat mussels, cockles or most kinds of shellfish due to a bad childhood experience with them, leaving a horrid aftertaste that lasted for more than two decades. Henceforth, it’s not really fair to the restaurant. Someone who tried their mussels can give a fairer review. Feel free to pop a reply in my comment box. 🙂

1 Harbourfront Walk
#02-123 VivoCity

Tel: 6820 1800

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  1. i think their mussels are fairly ok. Especially liked the sambal mussels becuz i have no idea where else to get that 😀

    i used to like going there for dinner becuz there are practically no queue

    BUT! their service is really slow and inconsistent! I have ever waited 30 mins for a main course (squid ink pasta) I guess if i have to queue at a restaurant (with a queue), the time spent waiting to get a table would be comparable to the time spent waiting to get my food at mussel guys

  2. Well to me,thier mussels and steaks are actually quite nice.While their service ,in my perspective would be a 3/5. I recently went during Feb 2010,surprisingly, their mussels were really live unlike white dog cafe,whereby the mussels were not that fresh according to my girlfriend,Shen Su,who ordered the something..island mussels.
    So,u should try their steaks or live mussels instead of the classics like fish and chips(more often my younger brother eats fish and chips),i am more of a meat-person,hence i ordered sirloin steak.
    The good thing about the place is that they don’t overcharge.
    My bill for ordering a steak and mussel platter turned out to be less than $66,while at white dog ,my bill for a Green Meadow Farm Filet Mignon and island mussels turned out to be $76.85(to be exact),they even charged me for unconsumed and unrequested salad.(WTF??)

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