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Loh Mei Specialist (湿卤味) @ People’s Park Food Centre

Loh Mei Specialty
Loh Mei Specialty

This hawker dish is delicious! I cannot find it anywhere else except at People’s Park Food Centre.

At first, I thought this was one of the those mainland China dishes that are invading the local hawker centres and food courts in recent years. After I did a quick search online, I was quite surprised to find out that this is a Singapore hawker fare of yesteryear.

Loh Mei (湿卤味), otherwise known as Lo Kai Yik (or stewed chicken wings in Cantonese) was said to be once a common fare in Singapore. Now, this stall may be the only one selling it.

A serving of Loh Mei comes with stewed chicken wings, pork, cuttlefish, tau pok, vegetables and a whole lot of rojak stuff. It is eaten together with rice or you can also order the version with noodles.

Serving for two person
Serving for two person
Loh Mei to go with rice
Loh Mei to go with rice
The noodle variety
The noodle variety

It’s rather hard to describe the exact taste as there’s no close cousin to this among the standard Singapore hawker fare. Go try it before even this stall disappears. 🙂

Loh Mei Specialist
Blk 32 New Market Road
People’s Park Food Centre
Tel: 6533-2311

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  1. this dish is certainly excellent, the one and only one in Singapore. however, sadly to say, the standard has dropped quite a fair bit over the years. it’s still a great recommendation though!

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