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Actor Jeff Wang (王建复)’s Food Kiosk, Xiao Ba Wang (小霸王)

Xiao Ba Wang Food Kiosk
Xiao Ba Wang (小霸王) Food Kiosk

Rachel and I bought two bowls of Taiwanese Mee Sua for takeaway from this unassuming food kiosk as supper, after a very unfulfilling dinner at Manpuku at Tampines 1.

It was only when I googled the name of this food kiosk that I discovered that it belongs to Taiwanese-born, local actor/host, Jeff Wang (王建复):

Jeff Wang
Jeff Wang (王建复)

The celebrity factor aside, the mee sua serving was larger than it’s other competitors in Singapore which will help it gain extra brownie points from price-consicious Singaporeans. However, it does not fare well taste-wise. The soup is not gluey enough and the chicken meat is too tough.

Taiwanese Mee Sua
Taiwanese Mee Sua

I did not try the other Taiwanese snacks in the menu though. If any of you tried it, let me know if it’s any good and whether this kiosk is worth another visit. 🙂

The kiosk is located at the basement of Tampines 1. The exact unit number is B1-K7.

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  1. I am very disppointed with the service rendered to me and my family on the 6th of Sept. I placed my order at the cashier and told the cashier that i want to have a crispy chicken and flower tea. My mum told the person who is frying the crispy chicken that we want to have the hot one as there are cold one which is not hot already. She did not give us the new slot. The person that serve us is very rude and unprofessional. She is so lazy and does not even bother about what we said. My mum talk to her in a polite manner and she can simply ignore us. This is the kind of service we should be getting? The girl is with short hair and tatoos on both her hands. This is the first time we drop by the store and will be the last time. Furthermore the crispy chickens is not crispy at all. How can that be called crispy chicken? Hope my feedback is useful.

  2. Tried a few items at their food stall (Ion Orchard) and it was great!

    The crispy chicken taste is fantastic! Crispy on the outside, tender juicy inside…the mee sua comes in such a big portion and its really value for $$$!

    I MUST recommend the milktea. At first I thought it’s going to taste like any other bubble milk tea available in the market but then its different! Its rich in flavour with a tint of frangance…later I realised its becoz of the brown sugar! Very nice!

    Will definitely patronise again!

  3. im a regular for the kiosk. I personally like the mee sua the most. chilli is very good! i also like the tea egg and cripsy chicken…i’ve been to taiwan several times and hv tried their local mee sua and cripsy chicken, its definitely abt the same standard in taiwan..

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