Xiao Ba Wang Food Kiosk

Xiao Ba Wang (小霸王) Food Kiosk

Rachel and I bought two bowls of Taiwanese Mee Sua for takeaway from this unassuming food kiosk as supper, after a very unfulfilling dinner at Manpuku at Tampines 1.

It was only when I googled the name of this food kiosk that I discovered that it belongs to Taiwanese-born, local actor/host, Jeff Wang (王建复):

Jeff Wang

Jeff Wang (王建复)

The celebrity factor aside, the mee sua serving was larger than it’s other competitors in Singapore which will help it gain extra brownie points from price-consicious Singaporeans. However, it does not fare well taste-wise. The soup is not gluey enough and the chicken meat is too tough.

Taiwanese Mee Sua

Taiwanese Mee Sua

I did not try the other Taiwanese snacks in the menu though. If any of you tried it, let me know if it’s any good and whether this kiosk is worth another visit. 🙂

The kiosk is located at the basement of Tampines 1. The exact unit number is B1-K7.

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