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Star Trek – The Movie

Spock can speak Chinese
Spock can speak Mandarin

“Live long and prosper!

This is a new catch-phrase I learnt from the Star Trek movie, uttered by the character, Dr Spock. It is an innovative way of saying goodbye and I am contemplating using it from now on when bidding people farewell, especially the elderly and the superstitious.

In Chinese, it will be “寿比南山, 恭喜发财” which are both often uttered during birthdays and Chinese New Year. Maybe Spock’s Earthling mother has some Chinese blood.

If you are unfamiliar with Star Trek, Dr Spock is the half-human, half-alien (Vulcan) character above with pointy ears. He bids people farewell with the split fingers salute and the line, “live long and prosper”.

Star Trek has been around on television since 1966 – but truth be told, I have not watched a single episode of it, always having the impression that it is the poorer cousin of Star Wars. Hence I went into the theatre last Thursday for the movie preview without much expectation.

The movie poster
The movie poster

Nonetheless, the movie managed to get me quite immersed. Mind you, I am generally not a big fan of Hollywood blockbusters, preferring indie fare and Asian films. I am not someone who is awed by big explosions, fast cars and big boobies in a movie. The key determinants of a good movie are always the storyline, the characters and the pacing.

I must say the Star Trek movie has done a great job on the three criteria above. The storyline is substantially exciting, with a fair mix of drama, interspersed between action scenes. Pacing was just right and the synergy between the two main characters of Spock and James T. Kirk was fantastic. I like their constantly bickering and jabbing at each other, just like classic movie cop buddies.

I am not sure whether the screenwriter and director has been faithful to the original though as I am not a hardcore Star Trek fan. However, what I am sure of is the movie is definitely accessible to non-fans like me too. 🙂

Watch Star Trek if you want to “live long and prosper” or  “寿比南山, 恭喜发财” (whichever suits you better)! You can watch the trailer and find out more about the movie at the official website HERE. The movie opens in Singapore on 7 May (this Thursday).

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