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Henry Thia (程旭辉): “Want to take photo with me? Pay $5 first!”

Shin Min Daily headline - 16 March 2009picture via Shin Min’s blog

I found the headline story in today’s Shin Min Daily about actor, Henry Thia (程旭辉), rather amusing and did a search online to find the original complain letter. Here is it, via a Cari.com.my – a very popular Malaysian Chinese forum. It is written by someone called hyferd_art, a Malaysian (English translation below via yours truly):


地点:BP Mall (峇株吧辖)


老婆对我说 :你看辉哥。
我对辉哥说 :是喔!大明星可以拍张照吗?
辉哥对我们说 :五块。
我开玩笑指着我老婆说 :跟美女拍照应该不用钱吧?
辉哥对我们说 :六块,我经纪人要收的,不是我。




(This is my complain letter to Mediacorp)

Dear Mediacorp,
Please look into this incident seriously, Henry Thia has made me lose faith in your artistes! Are all Mediacorp artistes snobbish and arrogant?
Location: BP Mall
Time: Noon

I was tidying up some stuff at my store when Henry walked by.

My wife said to me: “Look, it’s Henry Thia.”
I said to Henry: “Hey big star, can I take a picture with you?”
Henry said to me: “Five dollars.”
I jokingly pointed at my wife and said: “I don’t suppose we still we need to pay if you are taking picture with a beauty?”
Henry replied us: “Six dollars, my manager wants to collect this, not me.”

At first, I thought he was joking; but when I took out my camera phone and attempt to take a picture, Henry turned around and walked away. He did not look at me throughout and had an arrogant look on his face as if he was a superstar.

My respect for Mediacorp artistes evaporated this instance. I suppose all Mediacorp artistes behave this way. They pretend to be very friendly and cordial on screen, but are totally different in real life. I wanted to watch Henry Thia’s new movie, “Love Matters” initially, but now I don’t think I will any more. I also will not watch any more Mediacorp programs from now on. I believe rude people won’t be able to act well.

To Henry Thia:

A few words of advice – know your roots. Your success today is dependent on people like us who supported your programs and movies because we thought you are a nice, humble person. Otherwise, you are nothing. When I asked our Prime Minister to take a picture with me, even he obliged – who do you think you are?

To be fair, this is a one-sided story. We have to hear what Henry Thia has to say before passing any judgement. In any case, I found this quite amusing as S$5 is a really pitiful amount for a “star” to ask for, in return for a picture with him. I have a feeling Henry was probably joking and there was some miscommunication between him and this hyferd_art guy. Agree? 🙂

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  1. $5 per picture? Hmm… that’s pretty cheap as compared to those guys dressed as gladiators in Rome. But then again, they need to stand there all day and well, their costumes do look expensive…

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