Trung Nguyen Coffee @ Liang Court - Alvinology

Trung Nguyen Coffee @ Liang Court

Trung Nguyen Coffee @ Liang Court - Alvinology

Out of curiosity, I ordered a cup of hot, dripped coffee  from this Vietnamese gourmet coffee house located at Liang Court. You can read more about Trung Nguyen coffee here on their official website.

Vietnamese coffee
Vietnamese dripped coffee
Nice smell
Nice smell
The beans
The beans
The final coffee
The final coffee

It tasted very good – fragrant and robust! In addition, serving Asian coffee, Trung Nguyen stands out from the dime-a-dozen Starbucks-clones serving relatively similar items.

Though I didn’t try it, they also serve the famous Kopi Luwak (weasel coffee) which is made from coffee beans that has been eaten and passed through the digestive system of the animal, undigested.

The resulting beans, when washed and sun-dried, undergo a remarkable change to produce a uniquely smooth and delicious flavour, often described as the best tasting coffee in the world. This could be because the weasels would choose only the best and ripest beans to eat. Also, the beans  may have been modified by enzyme reactions on their journey.

People pay to drink my shit okay!
“People pay to drink my shit okay!”

The idea of drinking coffee made from weasels’ shit seems disgusting, but my curiosity is really piqued, and I will definitely go back and try this  shit (pun intended) next time. 🙂

177 River Valley Road
#02-34/36 Liang Court Shopping Centre

Tel: 6837 3314

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