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Operation Supermarket

Shoot friends!

Read the labels on the innocent looking supermarket products carefully. There’s more than meet the eyes. These digital images are made by Iranian artist, Farhad Moshiri for the Singapore Biennale 2008 and are exhibited in the Old City Hall.

Operation Supermarket is Farhad’s collaboration with another artist, Shirin Aliabadi whereby a series of photographs of common daily products and foods sold in Iranian supermarkets are given critical meanings via digital manipulation.

People killling
People killling
Ask why?
Ask why?
You are the fearless Rose
You are the fearless Rose

In both positive and negative ways, these products are symbolic of our affluent and comfortable consumer society, but in the artwork their names become questions that are thrown at the viewer.

I find the images rather quirky and they have a South-Park-like mischievious appeal which bond well with Rachel and I who are avid fans of the satorical cartoon series which poke fun at everything and everyone.

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