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Dog Meat Restaurant (狗肉店) in China

Dog Meat Restaurant (狗肉店) in China

My dad got posted on a one-month long teaching assignment at Liao Ning (辽宁), China. My mom accompanied him over to take care of him. They have been gone about two weeks now and had  just send back some photos.

Most of the photos taken are the usual tourist shots with my parents posing in front of their hotel, beside famous scenic areas, etc. However, there is one particular photo which stood out. and it is this photo below:

It was taken in a restaurant selling dog meat. The cold, hard stare of the dead dog makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and disturbed that the Chinese can actually eat pet animals.

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  1. ZZJuke

    The stare of the poor dead dog is bad enough, but the suffering, the brutal, vile manner of death this creature no doubt endured (Documented by film, photo and eye witnesses) is unspeakable. Whats wrong with these people? Cruel beyond belief. I can only hope the dog’s eyes speak to these hard-hearted humans in his death, as all cries for mercy went unheeded by his torturers and murderers. Disgusting act of cruelty – unforgivable.

  2. Ark

    It’s technically incorrect to say that they eat pet animals. Dogs just happen to be one of those commonly domesticated animals that pple don’t usually eat, but if they are raised as food then they don’t really deserve any more sympathy than the KFC chickens

  3. jimmy

    I agree with Ark. It’s naive to say such things because our culture doesn’t have the same stance on domesticated animals. In India, cows are revered and many Indians have no qualms with western societies eating cows, they know it’s in our culture.
    Humanising animals is a distorted and hypocritical mentality which many people use (and animal welfare groups too) to gain support for animal rights through sympathy and empathy which demeans our intelligence and moral upstanding. I wholly support animal rights and our responsibility for the care of animals (domesticated and wild), I just hate the way people twist the truth. I don’t know any society that eats their own “pets”. Chinese people have certain breeds of dogs that they consume which they do not domesticate. The immoral thing is how people treat the animals to be consumed (and domesticated pets), the suffering of animals is apparent and acknowledged in ALL societies (battery hens, sheep mulesing etc).

  4. vme64

    Dog meat is healthy once you get past the cultural shock. In Asia, dog products are claimed to give stamina and healing properties. In Congo, they eat some dog meat and claim some medicinal attributes. In Switzerland, there is a valley where they consume dog meat. They also claim medicinal properties to dog meat. It seems remarkable to me those unrelated cultures come to same conclusion.

    There must be some truth to dog meat having health benefits. Some research is needed.

  5. fabio mezzano


  6. deon mitchell

    you fucking yellow pig,hope you kids will be eaten by dogs someday

  7. Tammy Downs

    I eat dogs all the time. Come eat at my house.

  8. sprinkles

    they shouldnt do that to poor dogs the dogs on this earth are to be cared for if god was here he would send u to helll for killing thoughs por dogs so fuk u

  9. tucker

    IF god was here? Wow I don’t even know where to start with that LOL

  10. Sharon

    Be a vegetarian if you are really an animal lover!

  11. asdasda



  12. brenda

    i cant belive what im seeing how could people eat dogs

  13. Abi

    This is truly vile. Fair play, Chinese and other Asian cultures are different and if they wanna raise dogs as food then I guess we should respect that; but it’s no reason for them to be so inhumane about it. It wouldn’t bother me so much if slaughter was does humanely, but as I’ve witnessed it in the past – it’s an act of abuse. No one should treat any sort of animal like that.


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