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The Fizz Cup

the fizz cup

Are you a ice cream soda fan? I am.

Don’t you hate it when your soda overflows when you dump in too much ice cream and you get your hands all sticky holding the fizzling cup?

Well, seems like we don’t have to worry anymore with the Fizz Cup.

The official website claims at least three advantages of the Fizz Cup over the conventional float:

1. It screws onto any soda bottle, and keeps the ice cream separated from the drink, allowing you to mix only the amount you desire, so you can drink only soda or eat only ice cream, and keep the rest fresh for later if you wish,

2. It has a unique built-in spout in the lid so you can drink it without a straw, and not worry about spilling or splashing caused by the “floating ice cream blob” effect,

3. It lets you have fun watching the soda and ice cream mix inside the dome lid, just like a volcano. Experience the science of fizz making with this special treat!

I don’t have a chance to try this out yet, but judging from it’s promotional video I found on youtube, it seems pretty functional to me:

You can purchase the Fizz Cup online although it is not available in Singapore yet. 🙂 Anyone care to try?

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