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The Banana Leaf Apolo

banana leaf apolo

Do you like Fish Head Curry?

When I was in my early teens, my family used to visit Banana Leaf Apolo and Muthu’s Curry frequently because we find fish head curry irresistible. Both restaurants are located along Race Course Road in Little India.

I had a sudden craving for fish head curry a few weeks ago. Hence Rachel and I went to Banana Leaf to dine. Rachel don’t really take spicy food, and I thought it will be good ‘training’ for her.

We had a good meal. 🙂

The curry was a tad too spicy though… maybe I am not as good with spicy food as when I was younger; either that or they had made the curry spicier.

bite you!

While dining, Rachel and I discussed about how this dish will never be popular in the Western world. I think Ang Mohs will not be comfortable eating a fish head with sharp teeth and eyeballs intact, staring at them (see picture above). Agree?

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