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Basil Alcove

We first learnt of Basil Alcove from an article in the Sunday Times. Foong Woei Wan said it serves “fine food” at “roadside prices”, and he gave the place four stars out of five, so we had to try.

basil alcove signboard
Basil Alcove

There was some difficulty locating the place as Middle Road is so very very long! Finally, we came to a stop at some New Moon umbrellas outside Fortune Centre. Each table is candlelit, and I suppose it’s prettier and more comfortable to dine there in the evening than in the day.

new moon umbrella
Incongruous New Moon brollies

Quite amusing to see people eating fine food daintily under those garish, obiang brollies. Even though it was already past 8pm, all the tables were taken.

Alvin and Alvin the Chipmunk

We had just finished a trip to both the National Museum and the Singapore Art Museum for the National Heritage Board‘s blogging competition, come to think of it.

I am dressed up as Earl Hickey from my favourite TV show My Name Is Earl. Incidentally, lead actor Jason Lee plays Dave in Alvin and the Chipmunks. I am delighted I can show solidarity with my favourite characters, however obscure my ways are.

I sketched in my new notebook whilst waiting for my food to arrive.

The menu was interesting, but lacking in variety. Perhaps it was because it was Christmas time and much effort and creative energy was spent on the Christmas menu. Rachel ordered roast duck.

Roast Duck. Doneness: Medium. Price: about $15.90

Since Rachel ate the dish, I’ll let her take over for this portion of the blog entry.

“Look at the layer of fat on the skin man. I hate fat on poultry, but something compelled me to finish everything on the plate. Was it the effort of finding the restaurant? Was it the price?


“But it was definitely not its blandness and sinew that appealed me to it. You know how people like to eat fatty pork cos it melts in the mouth? Well, these fatty pieces of duck are the complete opposite of that melt-in-your-mouth texture.

“I chew, chew and chew but nothing dissolves, and definitely not the stringy fat that eventually gets stuck between my molars.”

Leon and I ordered the same thing – chicken with peaches and herbs.

Chicken with peaches and herbs $14.90?

It was more fun to eat because of the peaches and other things. But the meat is still rather tasteless.

Rachel pretending not to be interested in her food

Don’t know why Rachel complained about her food. She’s the one with the mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes were good.

Here’s Leon, separating everything on his dish so he can see exactly what he’s going to eat.


Rachel was the only one with the sweet tooth amongst us so we let her choose dessert. She fairly fought with me to talk about it here.

“We ordered only one dessert and shared it. The Praline Hazelnut! Dense cake of hazelnut something, encased in a smooth mirror of dark chocolate. My orgasmic moment of the night. Is it ice-cream? It’s BETTER than ice-cream!!! One forkful of it is enough to send me to hazelnut heaven.”

Praline Hazelnut $7?

We ended our meal on that sweet note. The food wasn’t as great as I had expected, but the service was good, with the attentive waiter topping up our water glasses every now and then without being asked. They don’t charge for service and what you see on the menu is what they charge, so we gave him a small tip before we left.

If you’re interested in trying Basil Alcove, go to 190 Middle Road 01-07 Fortune Centre. Tel: 6336-1318. Budget about $40 per person if you want entree, main course and dessert.

Open: 12.30 to 3.30pm for lunch, 6.30pm onwards for dinner; closed on Mondays

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