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Quan Yi Feng slapped husband in public?

quan yi feng

Wow… very shocking story over the weekend!

She has always been known for her fiery temper. This time round, she was allegedly seen slapping her husband, Hong Rong, thrice on his face after he tried to pacify her in a quarrel with another driver over a traffic dispute.

Check out the reports in omy.sg:

You can also discuss more about this news in omy’s forum.


Quan Yi Feng‘s side of the story on her blog – she denied slapping her husband

Frontpage cover on Wanbao:

wanbao cover 1
6 Jan 2008

7 Jan 2007
7 Jan 2008

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  1. Be it wife slapped husband or vice versa, or just a misunderstanding, it is their private life and i feel that outsiders should just keep quiet about it. They are adults and know best how to solve their problems. Others’ comments may worsen their problems.

  2. They so KPO for wat.. I agree with lynn. Its their private life.. we have no right to say anything or even do anything.
    Can’t the reporters just mind their own things and don’t so DUO GUAN XIAN SHI or not… you all reporters very free isit..

  3. Taxi driver is wrong. No better how, a man are not allowed to beat any female.
    Male can definitely “Tahan” female ‘s beating.
    so I would classified any man who beat ladies, woman etc are “HOLLIGAN’

  4. Sandra, You go and die lah…why must men tolerate female’s beating simply because they are biology’s chosen gender. Because Man are capable of absorbing punches, they should counter-punch and serve the bitchy, arrogant females their own medicine with thousands time the dosage!!

  5. If a woman slaps her man, he shouldn’t harm her but she does deserve a lesson. He should put her over his knee and give her a spanking.

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