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Juice Bao anyone?

This is damn hilarious can!!!!!!!! I almost roll off my chair laughing when I saw this on Engrish.com!

The translation is done word for word, from Mandarin to English, literally, regardless of context. What the heck is “Juice Bao deducts colored rubber emperor”?

What’s even cooler – the larger version is called “Juice Bao deducts BIG colored rubber emperor”. Just one extra word in the middle solves it. I will suppose the kid-sized version will be called “Juice Bao deducts small colored rubber emperor”. This is even worse that the “stir-fried Wikipedia” I blogged about earlier!

Juice Bao

Next time you go to China, try saying “Juice Bao” when you really meant abalone. If the waiter doesn’t get it, tell him you will call up Justice Bao. (yes, I am deliberately being very lame)

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