LIVE art done by local artist, Antz

Last Sunday, I went with Lai Chow to Haji Lane to check out the Tiger Translate artworks. There was also late night shopping going on and all the stores were opened. Some street party of sort was going on, with DJs spinning music, outdoor, and beers being served.

Here’s the artwork done by Jon Burgerman:

jon burgerman

Here’s the one done by Jeremyville:


People milling around in the street:

haji lane

It was an interesting experience. I reckon I am not one of those folks who fit in nicely with the hip and cool crowd from the design, arts and advertising industries. I don’t drink, I don’t follow the latest fashion trend, I don’t dig indie music, amongst many other related factors. Maybe these are the reasons I never pursue a career in this direction – while I like the artworks and creativity, I detest the social aspect of having to be hip and cool all the time. (Actually, the real reason is I not zai and stylo enough lah, haha) 🙂

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