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Today is Taxi Fare Hike Day!

taxi fare hike
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Did you take a cab to work this morning? Can you feel the pinch?

Tralalalalalalala~ It’s a good thing I live in a very central location which is well-served by the various public transportation services.

EDIT by AntiAlvin: Shut up about living in the central, Alvin. =P

Today I really couldn’t drag myself outta bed and cabbed from Kallang to my workplace near Thomson. The time was around 3.15pm. Normally this would cost me $5.70, but today it cost me $6.60. 🙁 🙁 🙁 When I boarded I asked the cabbie how was business today and he said so-so only, and said he is expecting to drive up to 15 hours a day now with the price hikes. Then he said it’s actually not a lot what, only increase $0.30 for the flag down fee.

He must not know math. I pointed out to him that my fare was about $1 more expensive than usual. Boo.

Anyways is there going to be better service? I dunno. Today when I left my neighbourhood in Tampines I noticed a poor guy trying to catch a cab in the rain but no cab would stop for him! At least two vacant cabs drove past him and finally a Mercedes Premier cab stopped for him. What’s up man. If I were him I’d be feeling so dui lorh.

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