David Gan

David Gan is an acknowledged veteran in Singapore’s fashion industry, and owner of Passion Salon. He caters to the créme de la créme of the fashionable, counting many local celebrities and personalities as not only his clients, but his friends. Many a rising or even established star has trusted David with not just their hair, but their whole image.

Recently, David started his first personal blog on omy.sg.

Quite surprising as David had admitted before he is totally illiterate – he can’t read and write, not even in Chinese.

Here’s how he describe his blogs, in a video:


我很期待在这里和大家交流。我觉得网站是比较亲切的,比报纸来得亲切,可能记者访问后,有很多照片都无法刊登,在这里,我会和大家分享,让你们更深一层了解David Gan。

Don’t really know what he’s saying, but the very idea of David Gan writing a blog does seem very interesting. I will make it one of my regular reads. 🙂

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