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ChaCha: Come Chat with me!

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Have you heard of the search engine, It is still in it’s Beta stage, but you can start using its unique ‘live’ search function.

What’s so special about ChaCha as compared to the millions of search engine sites out there? Well, on ChaCha, you can deploy the use of of a REAL LIFE HUMAN BEING to help you with your search if you can’t find what you want.

Cha Cha Chat Log with RayHere’s 6 simple steps on how to use ChaCha:

1. Type in on your Internet browser to visit the site

2. Key in your search in the search bar – eg. Best Laksa in Singapore

3. Click on the button ‘ChaCha Search‘ beside the search bar

4. Wait for the result page to load – Now you see an additional hyperlink ‘Chat Live with a Guide’

5. Click on the ‘Chat Live with a Guide’

6. Tada!!! Now a real life human being will begin chatting with you on your search request and help you process it.

Click on the picture on the left to see my previous chat log with a guide called Ray(83984) on ChaCha to find the ‘Best Laksa in Singapore‘. He didn’t know what laksa is… but did try his very best to be helpful. I told him that laksa is made of earthworms and cockles, and asked him whether he had tasted earthworms before. He politely said he never tried eating them and added that he “hear[d] that they are delicious”.


I tried doing another few such stupid searches like “How to grow Strawberries in Singapore” and “Best Char Kway Teow in Toa Payoh“. I would think that the guides are American, and they have a hard time processing such requests.

For fans of prank calls and cranky online searches – I highly recommend you to visit ChaCha for a laugh. Other than that, if you are feeling bored or lonely and needs someone to talk to… a ChaCha guide may be the right person. Just key in the search term “I am bored and lonely and I want to chat with a stranger on a search engine.


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  1. now we found your blog!! HAHA. your link ahh. its “isAac” not issac. haha. don’t let him see den you cham!! HAHA. yay! now i’ve got something to read!!

  2. Your guide sounded so fake lah, that it’s actually funny. He thinks earthworms are delicious please. If you read it, you’ll see he means earthworms 😛

  3. Voxy: Ya I get what you mean, hahahaha. I was trying to be cheeky also lah, asking the guides dumb questions. Has anyone else tried using ChaCha?

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