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Tay Wei Kiat – Writer


Tay Wei Kiat - Writer - Alvinology

Wei Kiat is a young Technopreneur and IT Consultant in Singapore. He has more than ten years of experience in the industry, ranging from creating his own startups to doing IT consulting and development work for various clients.

His various successful ventures includes TheWickedQuiz, an addictive online puzzle game enjoyed by millions, BookINBookOUT, a pre-owned textbook marketplace for tertiary students in Singapore, and Originally US, an app and website development company that believes in putting the best people on the job.

Wei Kiat is also the recipient of two prestigious national award, IT Youth Award 2014 from Singapore Computer Societies and Future Information Technology Leader Award 2013 from Information Technology Management Association.

You can contact Wei Kiat at [email protected] for entrepreneurship advice, and any form of IT engagements.

Wei Kiat loves to write about entrepreneurship and leadership issues, as well as the latest and coolest gadgets. He don’t feel comfortable writing in third person, though.

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