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Singtel Unveils State-of-the-Art Flagship Store at 313@Somerset, Transforming Customer Experience

Singtel officially opens the doors to its new flagship store, Singtel Shop 313@Somerset, situated in the bustling heart of Orchard Road. Spanning an impressive 4,900 square feet, this cutting-edge space redefines retail solutions, offering customers an immersive experience that seamlessly combines shopping, creativity, and entertainment.

Designed to cater to both consumers and small businesses seeking mobile, broadband, and cybersecurity solutions, Singtel Shop 313@Somerset is equipped with the latest digital technologies. These innovations streamline service delivery processes, minimizing waiting times and enhancing customization through predictive analytics. Trained staff are strategically stationed throughout the store to provide on-site support.

The store introduces a groundbreaking feature: the world’s first TikTok Creator House within a telco shop. Aimed at engaging younger audiences, including millennials and Gen Zs, this unique space allows budding creators and small businesses to produce video content for social media, fostering creativity and building their online presence.

To uphold its commitment to sustainability, Singtel upcycled several items from its previous Comcentre store, including furniture in the customer service area. The new flagship store incorporates energy-efficient fittings and recycling bins for public e-waste deposits, aligning with Singtel’s goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2045.

Elevating Customer Experience with Innovation

The Singtel Shop at 313@Somerset prioritizes customer convenience through innovative solutions. Visitors can easily obtain a queue number by scanning a QR code, enabling them to explore the e-catalogue while waiting. This information is then shared with Singtel staff, facilitating personalized discussions in an expedited manner.

Floor-to-ceiling curved LED screens create various atmospheres, depending on the showcased products. The multi-purpose area in the store’s center supports product launches, keynotes, and masterclasses. Specially-trained staff assist users in understanding the technical features of smart devices, making complex functionalities more accessible.

For business customers, a dedicated SMB service area offers comprehensive solutions, including mobile, broadband, and cybersecurity, meeting corporate needs efficiently.

A Hub for Creativity and Sustainability

In collaboration with TikTok, Singtel introduces the world’s first TikTok Creator House in a telco shop. This soundproofed studio provides users with professional equipment to produce high-quality content, further emphasizing Singtel’s commitment to creativity and innovation.

Sustainability measures are woven into the fabric of the store, with upcycled materials from the Comcentre retail store used in the new location. Floor tiles have been crafted from timber from the previous store, and environmentally sustainable practices are evident in the use of digital displays, e-ink pricing displays, and more.

The store features a vertical farm in partnership with Grab Big Hydroponics, promoting sustainable eating practices. To encourage public participation, e-waste recycling bins have been placed outside the store, allowing consumers to donate unwanted electronic products.

Singtel’s new flagship store at 313@Somerset is not just a retail space; it’s a symbol of innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity, setting a new standard for telco shops in Singapore. Visit the store and immerse yourself in a world where technology meets creativity, and sustainability is a shared responsibility.

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