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K-Festival: Experience the Future of Tech, K-Pop, and Art

Get ready for an extraordinary event that combines the allure of K-pop, cutting-edge technology, and artistic brilliance at Science Centre Singapore! From 16 December 2023 to 25 February 2024, Singaporeans will have the chance to immerse themselves in the captivating Korea Festival, featuring a series of mesmerizing events.


Science Centre Singapore will play host to the global travelling showcase, [HYBE INSIGHT] BTS X JAMES JEAN: SEVEN PHASES EXHIBITION. This unprecedented collaboration between pop icons BTS and acclaimed artist James Jean will be a visual spectacle, taking visitors on a journey through seven phases of artistic brilliance. Coming to Singapore after successful runs in Frankfurt and Manila, this exhibition promises an immersive experience for fans and art enthusiasts alike.

K-Festival: Experience the Future of Tech, K-Pop, and Art - Alvinology

Korea Festival Highlights: K-Tech Expo, K-POP Goods Exhibition, and More

The broader Korea Festival, organized by K-Festival Co, Ltd and Snow City Singapore, will be a hub of excitement from 16 December 2023 to 25 February 2024. Here are the key events to look forward to:

K-Tech Expo (19 December 2023 – 19 February 2024)

Explore the future of technology with the K-Tech Expo, showcasing advancements in A.I., robotics, and more. Attendees can connect with industry pioneers, local buyers, and companies during dedicated “business matching days,” fostering collaboration and innovation.

Featured Companies:

  • Infomining: A leading IT company specializing in AI-driven personalized healthcare solutions.
  • Awesomepia: Showcasing a live multi-complex culture contents platform featuring XR, VR, AR technologies.
  • Connecdoc: Innovative real-time patient monitoring system measuring vital signs.

Singapore-Korea AI Ethics Symposium 2023 (19 December 2023)

Join distinguished Korean and Singaporean experts in a symposium exploring AI ethics. Gain valuable insights and deepen your understanding of advanced science and technology.

Twinkle: K-POP Goods Exhibition (19 December 2023 – 25 February 2024)

Shop to your heart’s content for Korean favorites at this exhibition, featuring a variety of goods that showcase the best of K-pop culture.

Admission Information

The [HYBE INSIGHT] BTS X JAMES JEAN: SEVEN PHASES EXHIBITION admission can be purchased through SISTIC and includes entry to Science Centre Singapore.

Admission to the Singapore-Korea AI Ethics Symposium 2023, K-Tech Expo, and Twinkle: K-POP Goods Exhibition is complimentary to the public.

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