Embarking on Alii Palau Airlines: A Journey into Palau's Pristine Paradise - Alvinology

Embarking on Alii Palau Airlines: A Journey into Palau’s Pristine Paradise

In a historic moment that reverberated through the azure skies, Alii Palau Airlines spread its wings, connecting Palau to the global skies. The inaugural flight took off from the bustling Singapore Changi Airport on a picturesque Thursday morning, November 23, 2023. The anticipation soared as distinguished guests, including Palau’s Vice President Jerrlyn Uduch Sengebau Senior, gathered to witness this milestone.

As the sun painted the sky in hues of dawn, Palau International Airport welcomed the arriving plane with a spectacular water cannon salute. The clock struck 6:40 am in Palau, marking the end of a breathtaking 5-hour journey from Singapore.

Palau, a jewel in the Pacific, is renowned for its unwavering commitment to environmental protection. It proudly stands as the first nation on Earth to modify immigration laws in the name of ecological preservation. The Palau Pledge, initiated in 2017, requires visitors to commit to responsible actions toward the island’s ecology and culture upon entry. To raise awareness, a compelling short film narrating the Palau Pledge journey can be viewed here.

Embarking on Alii Palau Airlines: A Journey into Palau's Pristine Paradise - Alvinology

The island’s pioneering environmental initiatives extend to the ban on reef-harming sunscreens, effective since 1 January 2020. Palau’s dedication reached global proportions in 2009 with the establishment of the world’s first shark sanctuary, covering over 200,000 square miles of ocean and influencing conservation efforts worldwide.

Operational Details

Alii Palau Airlines now graces the skies with once-weekly roundtrips between Singapore and Palau, utilizing Drukair’s A320neo plane adorned with 140 passenger seats, including 20 Business Class seats. This operation blossomed from a wet-lease agreement between Alii Palau Airlines and Drukair.

Here are the flight details to guide you on your journey:

  • Departure from Singapore at 00:20 hrs; arriving in Palau at 06:40 hrs
  • Departure from Palau at 07:40 hrs; arriving in Singapore at 11:30 hrs

Initially operating once a week until 20 December 2023, Alii Palau Airlines will soon grace the skies twice a week on Thursdays and Sundays from 21 December 2023.

Palau’s heartbeat relies on tourism, fishing, and subsistence farming. It’s a haven for marine conservation, offering world-class diving experiences and earning its title as one of the seven underwater wonders of the world. Palau beckons travelers to explore ancient sites, pristine beaches, and the UNESCO-protected Rock Islands marine lagoon—a haven for stunning coral reefs and a diverse array of wildlife, including over 700 species of fish, sharks, manta rays, jellyfish, and endangered marine species like the dugong, Nautilus belauensis, and Hawksbill sea turtle.

Officially the Republic of Palau, this sovereign nation comprises approximately 340 islands, islets, and atolls, with eight of them inhabited. Nestled in the westernmost part of the Micronesia region of the Pacific Ocean, Palau gained independence in 1994. Home to around 18,000 people, Palau’s vibrant culture and history date back to the 4th millennium BC, marked by rich trading and cultural exchanges with neighboring Pacific nations.

The Palauan people hold a deep connection to their environment, considering it a blessing that sustains life and forms the basis of the nation’s economy. Rooted in a profound sense of extended family, Palauans engage in traditional gatherings and ceremonies, fostering a strong community bond.

As a testament to its resilience, Palau endured Spanish, German, and Japanese occupations before becoming part of the United Nations Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands under U.S. administration. In 1994, Palau spread its wings, achieving full independence and becoming an active member of the international community.

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