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Skating into Style: The G-SHOCK x Temple of Skate Collaboration

Fashion and functionality collide in an exciting union as G-SHOCK teams up with Temple of Skate (@templeofskate) to introduce a truly unique timepiece. This collaboration, spearheaded by local artist Tuck Wai, combines skate art with innovation, offering a watch that’s a blend of style, culture, and functionality like no other.

The Art of Collaboration

Temple of Skate brings its distinct artistic influences to the table, drawing inspiration from vintage skateboard graphics of the late ’80s, Lowbrow art, and Japanese art. These influences merge seamlessly with the timeless CASIO G-SHOCK DW-5600 watch to create a harmonious masterpiece. The result? The G-SHOCK x Temple of Skate DW-5600TOS—a sleek and trendy timepiece that embodies the spirit of adventure.

Skating into Style: The G-SHOCK x Temple of Skate Collaboration - Alvinology

A Bold Aesthetic

This exceptional timepiece boasts a classic black design, featuring the Temple of Skate logo set against a silver backdrop on the watch face. The watch strap boldly bears the tagline “THRILLS & SPILLS,” serving as a reminder to wearers that they’re always up for an exciting adventure.

A Touch of Edginess

With the press of a button, the EL backlight illuminates a smiley pumpkin on the watch face, adding a dash of edginess to your timekeeping experience. It’s a subtle nod to the rebellious spirit of skateboarding, a reminder that adventure is just a ride away.

Embracing the Season

The case back of this timepiece proudly features a specially engraved Temple of Skate logo, along with the iconic smiley pumpkin design—a symbol synonymous with the Halloween season. It’s a delightful nod to the time of year when thrills and chills abound.

An Exciting Unboxing Experience

To elevate the overall experience, the G-SHOCK x Temple of Skate DW-5600TOS comes in special packaging. The wooden-colored outer box and white inner case are adorned with smiley pumpkins and the Temple of Skate branding, making the unboxing a fun and exciting journey in itself.

How to Get Yours

The G-SHOCK x Temple of Skate DW-5600TOS will be available for pre-order exclusively to CASIO ID members online on the Casio website starting from 16 October 2023.

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