World's first Physical Profile Picture NFT Gallery BIGHAUS to open in Singapore - Alvinology

World’s first Physical Profile Picture NFT Gallery BIGHAUS to open in Singapore

Singapore-based NFT commercialisation company, Bored Island Group will be opening the world’s first public, physical profile picture (PFP) NFT gallery, BIGHAUS, on 20 May 2023.

Located in Whampoa, near the popular Wheeler’s Yard café, the gallery will boast a curated collection of prominent blue-chip NFT series. This includes Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), CryptoPunks, Goblin Town, Doodles, Kaiju Kings, and Azuki NFT collections, with contributions from local clubs and collectors.

World's first Physical Profile Picture NFT Gallery BIGHAUS to open in Singapore - Alvinology

Featuring a speakeasy-like setting where collectors can display their NFTs on screens and projectors surrounding the space, the current collection is valued at S$33.7 Million.

The gallery was developed in collaboration with a range of NFT clubs, namely the 250-member strong Bored Ape Singapore Club, as well as CryptoPunks Club SG, Goblin Town, Doodles, and others.

BAYC and CryptoPunks are two of the most valuable and sought-after blue chip collectables for NFT enthusiasts. Collectors include American rapper and actor Snoop Dogg, who owns nine CryptoPunks — two of which are valued at over US$2 Million (S$2.67 Million) each, and Brazilian football player Neymar, who owns two BAYC NFTs.

One local celebrity who boasts a premium collection of NFTs is Jaye Foo, Founder of the Bored Island Group. Jaye’s earlier venture, Singapore’s first NFT bar and lounge — The Parlour, garnered major public attention at its launch last year.


APEHOUSE 5, which will be held at BIGHAUS on 20 May, from 3PM to 6PM, is meant to be a relaxed get-together for BAYC collectors. The event will also serve as the kickstart to a partnership between Bored Island Group and metaverse platform The Sandbox.

The metaverse platform looks to launch their playable BAYC Voxel Avatarsat the event, a series of 3D avatars based on the Singapore Club’s BAYC NFTs, that are made to be interoperable with The Sandbox metaverse. These avatars are linked to BAYC NFTs via each token’s metadata, giving collectors free access to their Voxel avatars by simply connecting their cryptocurrency wallet to The Sandbox.

To facilitate the event, Bored Island Group partnered with event ticketing company Peatix to develop and launch their token-gating feature. Bored Island Group is the first partner to work with Peatix to employ this function, granting Singaporean BAYC NFT collectors exclusive access to the event, which will be token-gated and those attending will have to connect their digital wallet to verify their NFT at for access.

Bored Island Group has also released a limited-edition Bored Ape Singapore Club T-shirt for the first 80 event attendees.

Doubling up as an event space, BIGHAUS offers a plethora of amenities, including a Karaoke room, foosball, retro arcade machine, beer pong tables, moveable tables and chairs, a speaker system, and a 150” projector. Bored Island Group has an event partner to manage events held in the gallery.

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