[Review] Geylang Laksa Prawn Noodles' Second Outlet in Ang Mo Kio - Alvinology

[Review] Geylang Laksa Prawn Noodles’ Second Outlet in Ang Mo Kio

Geylang Laksa Prawn Noodles, a third-generation family legacy brand, has opened its second outlet in Ang Mo Kio, bringing its authentic flavors steeped in decades of tradition to the north side of Singapore.

We visited the stall on a weekend at noon and there was already a long, but brisk queue:

[Review] Geylang Laksa Prawn Noodles' Second Outlet in Ang Mo Kio - Alvinology

Established by Mr. Lee Sie Kian in 1964, the business started from humble beginnings, with Mr. Lee selling laksa noodles on his trishaw along the streets of Geylang Lorong 3 to 40. After his retirement in 1987, Mr. Lee entrusted his son-in-law, Mr. Johnny Lim, to take over the family business and continue his laksa legacy.

Over the years, the family has perfected the recipe by using premium ingredients such as high-quality prawns and dried shrimps to bring out a better flavor in their laksa and prawn noodles.

[Review] Geylang Laksa Prawn Noodles' Second Outlet in Ang Mo Kio - Alvinology
Laksa Prawn Noodle

The secret to the traditional Laksa broth lies in their rempah, a spice paste that has been perfected with an optimum ratio of premium dried shrimp, turmeric powder, chillies, garlic, shallots, and a bevy of other spices.

The broth is then cooked with freshly squeezed coconut milk from the market, which gives it a refreshingly light body and flavor profile that can never be achieved with pre-packaged coconut milk.

To bring out the fragrance of the prawn noodle soup, prawn shells are first wok-fried on low heat for up to four hours before being added to the broth along with prawn stock and caramelised rock sugar.

From the stall, you get to choose from a variety of surf and turf options to go with their prawn noodles, from a classic Pork Ribs Prawn Noodles to a hearty Pig’s Tail Prawn Noodles or Intestine Prawn Noodles.

[Review] Geylang Laksa Prawn Noodles' Second Outlet in Ang Mo Kio - Alvinology
Big Prawn Noodles

Seafood lovers can opt for the Clams Prawn Noodles or the Big Prawn Noodles and Jumbo Prawn Noodles. Prices range from Small: $5.30 to Large: $12.80.

The second outlet is helmed by third-generation hawker Lim Yuyuan (Chef YY), who is committed to bringing the flavors and stories of his father and grandfather to the newer generation. Chef YY’s elder brother, Yeesheng (Chef Ah Tu), will continue to run the operations of the first outlet at Sims Drive. Quality is the family’s main priority when it comes to perfecting their recipes, and they do not spare any expenses when it comes to using the best ingredients.

Asher and I both love their Prawn Laksa Noodles and went back the next weekend to eat it again because we like it so much. The soup was rich and flavourful, leaving you craving for more as you slurp through the whole bowl.

As for the classic Prawn Noodles, the chili packs a punch and would appeal strongly to those who like spicy food. Ingredients are fresh and we appreciate that all the prawns are sliced neatly in halves so it is easier to deshell and eat them.

If you are interest to try the Laksa Prawn Noodles, details are as below:

Geylang Laksa Prawn Noodles

Address and Opening Hours

[NEW] 632 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, Singapore 560632
8am to 8.30pm (Opens Monday to Sunday)

Blk 45 Sims Drive Avenue #01-150 Singapore 380045
5.30am to 2pm (Opens daily except Tuesday)

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