Who is Erena So Hoi-lam (素海霖) - Hong Kong's first-ever Japan AV pornstar? - Alvinology

Who is Erena So Hoi-lam (素海霖) – Hong Kong’s first-ever Japan AV pornstar?

Erena So is a name that has been making waves in the world of adult entertainment, specifically in the Japanese AV industry and in the Hong Kong entertainment scene.

She is Hong Kong’s first-ever AV pornstar in Japan, a title that has been met with mixed reactions in her home country. Some see her as a trailblazer who is breaking barriers, while others view her as an example of how Hong Kong’s societal norms are changing.

Who is Erena So?

What is her journey to becoming an AV actress? What are the reactions that her unorthodox career has garnered?

Erena So was born and raised in Hong Kong. Prior to becoming a pornstar, Erena had acted in mainstream films. She first entered the entertainment industry in 2016 but received little exposure or success, being confined to minor support roles.

Unlike many AV actresses in Japan who are usually talent scouted and persuaded to enter the industry, Erena made the decision to enter the industry on her own.

“I genuinely enjoy having sex, and if you truly love what you do, you’ll have a high chance of succeeding when you make it your career,” shared So in an interview.

It wasn’t that easy though. After doing her research to get her foot into the Japanese AV industry, Erena sent photos and videos of herself to many agencies in Japan, but with no success. Eventually, she approached AV production companies in Taiwan to help her contact their Japanese counterparts and finally got her wish.

In 2019, So moved to Japan to pursue her dream of becoming an AV actress.

Who is Erena So Hoi-lam (素海霖) - Hong Kong's first-ever Japan AV pornstar? - Alvinology

Her debut film, Tokyo Style 01, was released in October of the same year by Japanese AV Studio, FALENO Star. The film garnered attention not only because So was Hong Kong’s first AV actress in Japan, but also because of the positive reviews that it received. Many praised So’s performance for being authentic, sensual, and natural.

In an interview, So shared that she was surprised by the positive environment on set. She stated, “I felt valued on set, which was really surprising to me. I was expecting it to be a more negative environment, but everyone was really supportive, including the director and my co-stars. They all wanted me to do my best.”

So’s experience on set challenges the stereotype that the AV industry is exploitative and degrading towards its performers. While there are certainly instances of mistreatment within the industry, So’s experience shows that it is possible to create a positive and respectful environment on set.

The Future

So’s career has not been without its challenges.

She has faced backlash from some members of Hong Kong society who view her career as shameful and immoral. So has been open about the criticism that she has received and has stated that it has been difficult to deal with.

In a recent interview, So stated that she has received a lot of hate online and that it has been tough to read. She also shared a makeup-free selfie on social media to show that she is more than just an AV actress and to combat the objectification that she has faced.

So’s career has also shed light on the changing attitudes towards sex and sexuality in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has traditionally been a conservative society when it comes to sexuality, but that is starting to change.

So’s decision to pursue a career in the AV industry has sparked conversations about sex positivity and the importance of respecting an individual’s choices when it comes to their sexuality. So has been vocal about the need for society to be more accepting of people who work in the adult entertainment industry and to recognise that it is a legitimate career choice.

In conclusion, Erena So is a trailblazer in the world of adult entertainment.

As Hong Kong’s first AV actress in Japan, she has broken down barriers and challenged societal norms. Her career has garnered both praise and criticism, but she has remained steadfast in her decision to pursue her dreams. So’s experience on set has shown that it is possible to create a positive and respectful environment within the AV industry.


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