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Gold Coast Events No One Should Miss

The Gold Coast has become one of the core places when it comes to annual events and festivals you need to visit once in a lifetime. This is the hotspot of the national destinations, where you can get to see a lot of local goodies, starting with music and sports and ending with food and art events. There is one thing for sure, you will never be bored on the Gold Coast. Here you will find the events you will not be able to find in Australia as a whole. As a result, we have compiled a list of events that you should not miss while visiting the Gold Coast. 

Blues on Broadbeach

Broadbeach, 19-22 May 

Let us kick off with some good tunes. Welcome to Australia’s largest non-ticketed music festivals. This year, this iconic festival celebrated its 21st birthday. You should attend this event to see over 70 of Australia’s best blues artists perform for free over 20 performances. The best indicator of the size of this festival is the number of people attending this event. Every year, over 20 000 people watch the headliners of this festival, and the majority of them go to see the main stage in Kurrawa Park. This year, the likes of Australia’s favorite trumpeter, James Morrison, will play, as well as some of the greatest names in this genre, such as Robben Ford and Mia Dyson. 

Cooly Rocks on Festival 

Coolangatta, 8-12 June

Get retro at Australia’s largest nostalgia and rock’n’roll festivals, where you can find the best about the 50s, 60s, and 70s and get the impression of some past times, all while enjoying the warmth of the most beautiful beaches in Coolangatta. You will be fascinated by the tunes and music played by some of the best rockabilly, rock-n-roll, and swing Australian performers. Then, in the dancing workshops, you can learn to dance to this music and line. This is the event where music is celebrated, and the best way to reach it is to use Bargain Car Rentals Gold Coast and get the best price for your stroll around. To this end, you will have a chance to see a unique display of over 600 classic cars in the town, which are part of the Classic Cars Show’n’Shine event. There is also an event celebrating Elvis’ life and legacy. This event is a preliminary round for something called the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, which is sanctioned by the Elvis Presley estate. You need to be there when Miss Cooly and Miss Rockabilly are crowned. 

Gold Coast Marathon 

Southport to Burleigh, 2-3 July 

This one is regarded as one of the most prestigious marathon events in the world. This event has a long history and draws the greatest number of long-distance runners from around the world to compete with athletes from all over the Gold Coast. This 42-kilometer run follows the Gold Coast Broadwater, then the Main Beach to Burleigh before ending at the Broadwater Parklands in Southport. However, you should be aware that this is not the only race. There are also eight other races you can see or join across the two days. Races such as the junior dash and five-kilometer fun runs will give you thrills, while half marathons and full marathons will test your limits. There is a place for everyone. 

Gold Coast Events No One Should Miss - Alvinology


Groundwater Country Music Festival 

Broadbeach 28-30 October

Imagine a country festival right beside the beach. You better snap back to reality since this festival is one of the shining pearls of the Australian coast. This is not all. Groundwater Country Music Festival is the country’s most rapidly growing country music festival, and it is so close to the waves that you can legit taste salt. This is once in a lifetime experience where you will see music stars playing some of the greatest country music hits across the 15 stages for three days straight. Wait till you hear this. All of this music is actually free of charge. Some of the greatest names in country music, such as Adam Brand, who is a proud winner of over 12 Golden Guitar awards, are taking part in this festival. Also, you can see a whole bunch of super-talented people who are looking for a spot in the industry. 

Gold Coast Film Festival

Across the Gold Coast, 20 April – 1 May 

This one is not as luxurious as the ones in Cannes or Venice, but it definitely has the most charm. You never know where you’ll be able to see a movie in one of the festival’s pop-up cinemas. This movie festival has been running for 20 years and is recognized as one of the leading film events in Australia now. Every year, over 20 000 attendees can see a huge number of films—over 100—and be a part of some events such as industry panels, parties, and some special events, as well as the annual short film competition, which transforms some of the beaches into beach cinemas. 

Gold Coast Open 

Burleigh Heads, 20 April- 2 May 

So many things are happening in this region, and we almost missed this one. We all know that Australia gets to be the epicenter of the greatest tennis events, such as the Australian Open. But you know that Australia is known to have some of the best surfers, so this kind of competition should not surprise you. The Gold Coast Open has made the history of competitive surfing since the sport went professional in the 1970s. You will get a chance to see the world’s best surfers and be part of the talent showcases since this is one of two major surf events during the year. These are the three events that have so many things in common, such as skating events and sunrise yoga sessions. 

Never take the Gold Coast for granted. You will be surprised at how many events there are during the entire year. You simply have the impression that these people never rest. One thing is for sure, you will never be bored here. 

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