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5 Great Places to Stay on Vacation Near the Ocean

The world is full of beautiful oceanfront vacation destinations. The Hawaiian Islands have been capturing the hearts and imaginations of travelers to the South Pacific since the early 1860s, cementing its reputation as one of the most attractive places on Earth. With many areas easing pandemic restrictions and lockdowns on travel, now is the perfect time to get out and explore a remarkable beach excursion in these breathtaking surroundings. Here are five of the top places to check out this island paradise.

Kona, Hawaii

The calm, crystal clear waters of south Kona provide an ideal backdrop for snorkeling or sailing. Kona also has a history dating back to 1778, when Captain James Cook became the first European to set foot on the island. Today, travelers expect to find the best that Hawaii has to offer, along with fantastic places to stay in Kona. With the best beaches on the island and active nightlife options,  Kona is sure to provide an unforgettable vacation experience.

For coffee lovers, the distinctive rich flavor of the coffee beans grown here provides a delicious flavor not available anywhere else in the world. These beans are famous with coffee drinkers everywhere and are one of this area’s biggest exports. Each August, Kona hosts the International Billfish Deep Sea Fishing Tournament that draws fishing enthusiasts worldwide.

Waikiki, Hawaii

No listing of the top places to stay in Hawaii would be complete without mentioning Waikiki. With thousands of hotel rooms and an abundance of family-friendly restaurants and activities, Waikiki earns its reputation as one of the best places for vacationers to stay on Oahu. Due to the neighborhood’s prime location, every hotel room in Waikiki is within three short blocks of the ocean, making it a great place to learn to surf or enjoy a sunset stroll.

Oahu North Shore

While visitors to Waikiki enjoy this modern city’s hustle and bustle, travelers venturing to Oahu North Shore can expect a calmer, laid-back experience. This island area is famous for its massive ocean waves and a delightful, small-town vibe that is difficult to find in other parts of the island. If the goal for your Hawaiian vacation is a more serene, relaxed atmosphere, Oahu North Shore is not to be missed.

Maui, Hawaii

Whether you are interested in an underwater snorkeling adventure, surfing some of the most impressive waves on the planet, or just relaxing on the powdery sand, the beautiful Maui beaches have you covered with the perfect beach for everyone. However, due to its size and limited bus system, care should be taken when choosing accommodations. More adventurous travelers should consider renting a car to see everything this area offers. 

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is home to Hawaii’s largest city and airport and occupies a prime location for trading and shipping across the Pacific. Honolulu also has a thriving arts scene with museums showcasing the island chain’s history. The botanical gardens are some of the most beautiful and diverse on the planet. But much like Maui, visitors to Honolulu will want to ensure they have transportation to see all the sights. 

Hawaii Has Something for Everyone

5 Great Places to Stay on Vacation Near the Ocean - Alvinology

No matter what your vacation goals are, Hawaii fits the bill beautifully. But for those unable to settle on a single location, plane travel between islands is always an option to enjoy it all. 

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