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Advanced Communications Functionality Provided By Amazon Web Services Australia

Amazon Web Services Australia provides a wide range of Cloud communications services to the private and public sector. Those that it does not currently provide, such as PSTN-related features, are still offered in the country by AWS Inc. If you use, or are planning to use, AWS in Australia, you will probably want to know exactly which services and solutions you can purchase directly from the local company and what they have to offer. To save you the bother of searching endlessly for the answers you need, in this article we have summarised the key services and solutions that AWS Australia offers, and provided some details on how they may benefit your organisation.

AWS Australia: key services and their benefits

The solutions that AWS Australia is now offering directly to customers across the country are as follows:

  • Amazon Connect — Amazon Connect is an omnichannel Cloud contact centre that provides high-volume, intelligent outbound communications services through a global network of telephony providers that it manages on behalf of its customers. With Amazon Connect, private and public sector entities can efficiently communicate with millions of people and other organisations on a daily basis. With an outbound API, programmatic communications are easy to implement.
  • Amazon Pinpoint — AWS’s outbound and inbound marketing communications solution allows organisations to manage marketing communications across multiple channels, including SMS, email and in-app messages. Marketing messages can be personalised to target specific sections of your target audience and the effectiveness of each message accurately measured using Amazon Pinpoint campaign and delivery metrics.
  • Amazon SNS — Amazon SNS provides Cloud customers with a fully-managed messaging service that can be used to control both application-to-application and application-to-person communications. The application-to-application functionality facilitates high-volume messaging on a many-to-many basis, between serverless applications, distributed systems and micro services. Application-to-person messages may be sent via several different channels, including SMS, email and mobile push notifications.
  • Amazon SES — The Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is designed to provide government agencies and commercial enterprises with the ability to send emails from within any application they may use. It is a flexible, cost-effective and highly scalable email solution that can be configured for marketing, transactional and mass emails. With advanced email authentication options and a flexible IP deployment model, Amazon SES promises high deliverability, and protection for the sender’s reputation. It also features analytical metrics that can be used to gauge the response to each batch of emails.
  • Amazon Chime — The Amazon Chime SDK makes it easy for developers to add audio and video conferencing capabilities, along with screen sharing capabilities, to the applications currently being used by their organisations. The Voice Connector feature offers low-cost SIP trunking for organisations that move some or all of their telephony workloads to Amazon Chime.

All of the above services and solutions are used by numerous public and private sector entities in Australia and are designed to provide advanced communications functionality in a highly integrated environment. Technical support, as you would expect, is offered through various different channels by AWS.

With Amazon Web Services (AWS) Australia now providing communications services directly, it’s even easier than before for Australian private and public sector customers to take advantage of everything their cloud platform has to offer.

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