Review: Fast and easy ironing with Philips All-in-One 8000 - Alvinology

Review: Fast and easy ironing with Philips All-in-One 8000

If you find ironing clothes a tedious chore, you might want to give the Philips All-in-One 8000 Series steam iron a try and I am pretty sure you will change your mind. 

I wear the same few outfits made of wrinkle-free fabric on rotation, as I am usually tired after work and lazy to spend time ironing my outfits. 

However, since I had the chance to use this steam iron, I have been receiving compliments for my more stylish dressing. This is because using this garment steamer is so fast and easy that I am motivated to up my style game by ironing more clothes in my wardrobe to wear. Here’s my first hand user experience:

Nifty and clever design 

Because the Philips All-in-One 8000 Series stands vertically, it takes up less floor space and can be parked inconspicuously in the corner of the room. The top hook conveniently hangs your garments from a clothes hanger and easily folds away when not in use. It comes with wheels, making it easy to move the device around the home to wherever you need it.

Before my zoom meetings, I take out a shirt from my wardrobe, without even having to remove the hanger, hang it on the top hook, steam-iron it, and viola! Presentable creaseless shirt. Talk about hassle-free. 

A usual shortcoming of garment steamers is that you can’t create straight lines. But with the Philips All-in-One 8000 Series, you can.  

I adjust the ironing board horizontal when I want to press straight lines into clothing. Being able to iron straight lines is a huge plus for me, as it really gives me the best of both worlds of a garment steamer and a traditional iron. 

Fast and efficient ironing 

With the water tank filled and switched on, the Philips All-in-One 8000 Series heats up within 90 seconds and generates powerful continuous steam at a rate of 90g/min smoothening wrinkles out of clothes in no time. 

Review: Fast and easy ironing with Philips All-in-One 8000 - Alvinology

What’s more, with its OptimalTEMP technology,  it guarantees no burns on all ironable fabrics including the most delicate silk.

Review: Fast and easy ironing with Philips All-in-One 8000 - Alvinology

Ironing noobs, go forth and iron with gusto! 

Sanitises clothes

Besides removing creases, the continuous steam also removes odours and kills 99.9 % of bacteria and dust mites*, for cleaner and fresher wear. (* Tested by external body for bacteria types Escherichia coli 8099, Staphylicoccus aureus ATCC 6538, Candidia albicans ATCC 10231 with 1 minute steaming time.)

Safe to use

The ironing head automatically switches to standby mode when the water tank is empty, offering peace of mind when left unattended. 

Price and availability 

The  Philips All-in-One 8000 series’ recommended retail price is $519 and it is available at all Philips authorized retailers such as Gain City, Tangs, Best Denki, and Harvey Norman. 

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