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10 Scandinavian Interior Design Trends to Teleport You to Nordic Paradise

Scandinavian interior design was developed just for this time of year. We don’t want to ramble on and on about the autumn vibes, but the evenings are growing shorter and somewhat cooler, and it doesn’t take much to make us want to get out the blankets, pile up the rugs, and light up the candles.

So, to satisfy our need for it to be winter already, we’ve gathered some stunning Scandi trends that are ideal for giving your house a fall refresh.

# 1 Opt for Mid-Century Furniture 

Mid-century modern designs are the most popular furniture style for Scandinavian interior design. Their basic, sharp lines and natural tones are great for those who like a minimalist look.

# 2 Unique Window Treatments 

Scandinavian interior design HDB demands light-filled spaces with minimal window coverings. This look works well with neutral, uncomplicated designs.

# 3 Storage Doubles Up as Décor 

Because modern Scandinavian interior design is all about utility, incorporating storage pieces that also serve as elegant décor is a no-brainer.

# 4 Hygge Textiles 

Throws fleece, mink, or suede are among the few decorative accents that provide richness to the interior while adhering to the Scandinavian design. When choosing blankets or throws, use grey shades like Charcoal, natural textures like canvas or jute, or subtle hues like a soft purple with grey undertones.

# 5 Pop of Brightness with House Plants 

Scandinavian interior design tends not to use a lot of colours, but if you want to liven up a space without abandoning the Scandinavian aesthetic, plants can help. They provide an organic, arboreal touch to the existing natural aesthetic while also giving a bold splash of colour without being too overpowering.

# 6 Blue Accents Work 

What is Scandinavia’s favourite accent colour? Clearly, it’s blue—a vibrant blue that pops against an all-blanc interior. This is a great colour for adding a burst of colour to your Scandinavian monochromatic palette.

# 7 Textured Leather 

In Nordic interiors, we’re witnessing a significant shift toward weathered leather furniture. They’re rustic without being overly ancient, and they look lovely with a fleece blanket slung over their back. We suspect this is a Swedish parody of the current American fascination with mid-century modernism.

# 8 Cozy Rugs 

While wall-to-wall carpeting is out in Scandinavian interior design, there are other methods to add texture to your flooring. Our recommendation? Rugs made of sheepskin. Sheepskin not only connects with the cultural origins of Scandinavian design but also enriches the otherwise texturally austere aesthetic.

# 9 Monochromatic Art 

It goes without saying that the Swedes have a thing for monochromatic art. These artworks have a simplistic yet impactful vibe that can work with the Scandinavian interior design theme. This is a great way to add a touch of personalised vibe to your look without making it look over-the-top

#10 Natural Elements 

Natural elements have a big role to play in Scandinavian design. These elements are used to bring character and personality in the otherwise monochromatic design. Whether it’s a potted indoor plant or a bunch of colourful flowers, these natural décor elements can bring a subtle but striking vibe to your room. 

So,  these were a few tips to bring that Scandinavian vibe to your home. While these tips are enough to get your interior journey started, you need professional help to make the most of your space and give it a Scandinavian makeover. Professional interior design firms such as Livspace can provide end-to-end interior design solutions and make your interior dreams a reality. Check out the Livspace website to know more about their offerings. 

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