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3 Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Enrich Your Education

Furthering your education with a college degree traditionally happens after high school, however not everyone thrives following a traditional path. Regardless of if you do, or do not want to attend college right after high school, if a formal education is on your bucket list, now is as good a time as any to pursue that goal. One benefit from the global pandemic is that colleges and universities are providing increased options for students, and additional incentives and opportunities that promote earning your degree.

You Can Maintain the Comforts of Home

Online learning has created a huge opportunity for hopeful college students. People that have the desire to attend a specific college, but not the desire to relocate to do so, can now experience the best of both worlds. Virtual classrooms enable you to pick your school of choice and course of study based off your personal preferences surrounding learning and your eventual career, instead of exclusively surrounding what logistically makes sense.

The anxieties that can stem from leaving the familiarities of home should not be discounted. It is not uncommon for people to forego attending college because of their discomfort with being away from the comforts of their home. Since the pandemic, depression has significantly increased and the healthcare industry is not ignoring this fact. There is an all-in-one telehealth provider created for universities and colleges focusing on the unique needs of students to customize a complete care solution, so campus is a place where they thrive. If fear of isolation, a new network of medical professionals, or lack of resources available to provide support has been holding you back from pursuing your dream of a college degree, telehealth is one way to ease those fears.

A Change of Direction

The pandemic has ignited a fire in many people to focus on what brings them joy and eliminate from their life what does not. If your job falls into this category, consider going back to school to kickstart a change in professional direction. Thanks to an uptick in online education opportunities there is potential for you to earn a degree or certification while still earning a paycheck with your current job. In some cases, you might even be able to have part of the cost covered by your current employer if your aspirations are to further your education regarding your current industry and company.

Financial Benefits

A college degree is practically never going to fall into the category of cheap, however, affordability is another story. Many colleges are struggling because of the pandemic and need your tuition revenue more than ever. Considering the change to online learning and facing budget shortfalls, colleges are offering bargain basement pricing to retain students. These discounts and opportunities will not last forever so consider taking advantage while you can. Travel restrictions are also limiting the possibility of international students as a part of collegiate revenue so the hustle to close that gap with domestic attendees is significant. Opportunities like plus years, free 9th semesters, and free courses during certain semesters are examples of ways colleges are working hard to convince you now is the time to enroll.

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