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Pre-Travel Checklist: The Things You Need For A Short Trip

You’re excited to be heading out for your next trip, but to have a carefree time, it’s best to spend a bit of time in advance to ensure that everything is prepared.

It is important to be prepared properly so that your travel plans can go off without a hitch. To ensure that everything is in order, follow this pre-travel checklist, the things that you will need for a short trip.

Use this ultimate guide to remind you of the essentials you need to purchase for your travels. It’s not easy to pack up without a pre-travel checklist, even if it’s for a short trip.

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Pre-travel Checklist

Here are some of the things that definitely must be in your pre-travel backpack.

1. Passport

Your passport is the most significant item to pack for your travels. Without it, you won’t get very far. Make sure your passport is valid before you leave, too. It’s always nice to have your passport at least six months before it expires, so always check your expiry date in good time so that before the trip arrives, you can get a new one.

Make a photocopy of your passport contact page and the visa pages for your destinations. Pack them up from your passport separately.

2. Clothes, Underwear, and Footwear

Clothes are the toughest part to pack up. Depending on where you’re headed, remember to take a combination of light layers and warm layers for your journey. Before you go, it is always useful to look up the forecast and pack accordingly.

Pack sufficient underwear for your trip (and maybe two or three extras). If you ever run out, you can always wash your underwear throughout your travels.

Socks are necessary because when you do a lot of walking, they will stop your feet from rubbing against your shoes. If you are going anywhere cold, it is recommended to pack thick socks.

Assess what kind of activities you might do during your travels to equip yourself with the right gear.

Always conserve space when you are packing up. One top tip is to effectively fold your clothing. Remember to put your heavy stuff at the bottom, stuff that leaks go into plastic bags, and stuff you’ll need as soon as you get to the top of your destination (such as toiletries). If it takes up less room, roll up your clothes rather than folding them.

3. Travel Adapters

To charge your laptop, tablet, camera, hair appliances, and more, 2-3 adapters should be enough for your short trip. When you buy them at the airport, they can be pretty pricey.

Don’t carry valuables with you, other than the essential electronics. Thieves who are experts in targeting visitors could be drawn by expensive jewelry. If you bring valuables, keep them locked in a secured area.

4. Water Bottle

Always bring your water bottle on the road to stay hydrated. Buy a travel backpack that has a water bottle compartment, so when you walk around, it’s easy to reach.

5. Cash

Instead of changing your cash at the airport, where it’s more costly, it is suggested to find a local currency exchange with the best rates. Budget how much cash you would like and need.

6. Toiletries And Other Essentials

It is recommended to carry a hairbrush and some dry shampoo (or hair gel) to reduce the toiletries you pack, to conserve room for other things including soap, deodorant, and toothpaste.

Also, it can be cumbersome to hold shampoo and conditioner bottles and they take up a lot of space in a backpack. Instead, to save space, you can fill smaller-sized bottles.

7. Towels

Get a thin towel made of microfibre that is simple to pack. Remember to carry yours in case the place you’re staying at does not provide them.

8. First Aid Kit, Medicine, and Painkillers

Every traveler should bring a first aid kit because you never know when you’re going to need it. It’s always nice to be on the road with some medication.

For headaches, muscle aches, menstrual pains, stomach aches, pain relief or allergy pills will come in handy so keep some on you just in case.

9. Camera

Whether you want to bring a camera or just use your smartphone’s camera, it is a good idea to bring one to capture the beauty of the place.

10. Map or GPS

When you are trying to navigate around an area, getting access to a GPS App on your mobile phone would be a lifesaver. You never know if you’re going to have a strong GPS signal, or your phone battery could die, so carrying a back-up map would be helpful.

Way To Go- Other Tips For You

What are other things that you must consider before heading out? Here are some of the things you can consider doing before you travel.

Pre-Travel Checklist: The Things You Need For A Short Trip - Alvinology

1. Get a Travel Insurance

For most individuals, it is only important to obtain travel insurance if you travel outside your home country.

There are several policies and options for travel insurance, but they usually include emergency medical care, evacuation, missing baggage, and travel termination.

2. Giving A Friend Or Family Member A Copy Of Your Itinerary

It’s wise for those at home to know your whereabouts in the case of an emergency. It also puts the minds of your family at ease to understand what areas of the world you are in.

3. Pre-book Accommodation For At Least One Night

It is recommended that you have at least one night’s accommodation booked in advance, depending on what kind of traveler you are – adventurous and spontaneous or carefully planned and organized.

You’ll eventually find a place that will accommodate you if you arrive at a new location and don’t have a place to stay, but not without any strain involved. It’s worth it to book something in advance at least for the first night, to put your mind at ease. And, the next day, you can always revisit the area to find a better spot if you’d like.

Hopefully, for your next journey, this checklist has helped put you at ease. It might seem a simple step to go through a checklist, but it can help you avoid a lot of frustration and irritation.

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