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NUS student panty thief blames final year stress and breakup for crimes

Pei Shao Bo, a suspended 25-year-old National University of Singapore student, blamed stress and a breakup with his then-girlfriend as the reason he took to stealing women’s underwear in February last year.

He was sentenced to six weeks in jail, according to The Straits Times.

Another panty thief in NUS?

Yes, this is another student who was caught stealing lingerie from the National University of Singapore hostel. In late 2020, Alvinology also reported on the case of a separate NUS student Goh An Soon who was also guilty of stealing lingerie.

Pei Shao Bo was sentenced to six weeks in jail for stealing four women’s underwear over fie occasions from their hostel. He was able to gain access to their rooms because they were not in the habit of locking their doors. The victims said that it showed they trusted one another and their surroundings.

The panty thief targeted that particular building (which was not revealed in reports to protect the identity of the victims)

How did Pei Shao Bo steal the underwear?

According to the same report, Pei went to a hostel block to steal the undergarments, taking advantage of the fact that the victims did not lock their doors. He chose that particular block because it simply near the University.

He would go inside the unlocked rooms and leave after taking his loot.

He kept the underwear, which were a mix of brassieres and panties, in a drawstring bag.

What did Pei Shao Bo do with the underwear?

The same report said that Pei would use the underwear to masturbate. He would then throw away the items he had soiled.

The women did not realize that there was a thief operating on their block until they heard about the news from someone else.

How was Pei Shao Bo caught?

The panty thief was caught red-handed by a woman in the hostel, but he was able to escape quickly. He was later identified and arrested through CCTV footage of the crime.

The woman saw him in one of the rooms in the hostel, then asked him what he was doing there. He was unable to answer her question, and fled the scene.

The victim made a police report, and an investigation ensued. The remaining items he did not throw away were discovered, but none of the victims wanted them back. All of the victims were reportedly college students living away from home.

Who is Monica Baey and why is she important to all NUS sexual harassment cases?

Good grades should not detract from crime: Prosecution

As with previous cases of sexual harassment, peeping, and panty-thieving, the academic performance of the criminals were always highlighted, but this time, the prosecutor said that his status as a student allowed him to commit the crime.

“The fact that he has managed well academically or in other areas of his life should not detract from the seriousness of the offences.” said the prosecution.

He has also not made any restitution, and instead said that he was sorry for what he did. The defense cited the criminal’s final year in college as well as a breakup with his girlfriend as the reason he committed the crimes.

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