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Handling your refrigerator when moving a house

We often forget some essential tasks while planning a move and preparing household appliances is one of those. Along with all other appliances, moving a refrigerator also needs some extra preparation because if it is not prepared properly for the move then the refrigerator or its freezer may get damaged easily. There are certain items and parts that are needed to be removed before moving for an efficient and safe transit.

It takes a little planning and thoughtfulness to prepare your fridge for the move and removing its parts and other preparation is not very complicated. The top-rated movers, here the list, claim that the house owner must be very careful and be sure that your refrigerator should not defrost during the transit.

A refrigerator is considered to be one of the most essential home appliances and damaging it will cause a lot of inconvenience at your new house so make sure that it is moved properly and you find it in the right condition after the move.

If you are not sure what all you need to do for preparing your refrigerator for the move, then follow the steps given below for the safe transit of your favourite appliance.

Gather All the Right Cleaning & Moving Material 

Make sure you gather all the required cleaning material before you start emptying your fridge. The cleaning supplies that you may need include trash bags, moving blankets, tape measure, moving dolly, and moving straps, etc.

Start Planning Your Meals Smartly at least a Week before Your Move

Consume all the perishable foods that need refrigeration or freezing as it is time to empty the refrigerator and freezer. This way you will be able to avoid any wastage. Make sure you dispose of all the food that is not required. Give away whatever has not been consumed or opened. Don’t waste food.

Defrost the Refrigerator at least 24 Hours before the Move

Defrost the refrigerator after emptying it. To defrost your fridge, unplug it from the electric connection. Place some towels on the floor to soak up water that will drip due to melting ice. Once all the contents are removed from the fridge, clean all the parts of the fridge while the freezer gets defrost. 

Make sure you clean and dry all the surfaces of the fridge and freeze after the freezer defrost completely. After cleaning and drying the fridge from inside and out, keep the fridge doors open for 24 hours for the moisture to evaporate. Evaporation of moisture is very important because even slight moisture can cause mold and mildew. Make sure that you don’t forget to empty, clean, and dry the evaporator pan. Remove all the objects and magnets from the fridge doors. Pack them safely.

Secure the Refrigerator Properly for Moving

Take all the trays, drawers, and shelves out and pack them safely. It is important to keep these parts safe as finding their replacement is both difficult and costly. Look for any loose parts including glass drawers and/or shelves. Remove them and clean them thoroughly. Now dry them before wrapping and pack them separately and safely to keep them from any breakage. You can consider wrapping them in blankets, towels, or bubble wrap. Make sure the door of the fridge is locked and shut with a rope so that it will not open during transit.

Don’t Hesitate and Ask for Help

Handling a refrigerator will be a heavy task so to avoid any possible injury, make sure you have help with you to move the fridge. You can always ask your friends and/or family for help. A fridge is over 300 pounds and not easy to move alone. Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers when moving your refrigerator.

Measure the refrigerator, Doorways, and Stairways of Your Old and New Home

Moving any heavy item becomes all the more difficult when they get stuck in the doorways. It is very important to measure your refrigerator, doorways, and stairways to ensure a smooth move of the fridge on a dolly. Make sure you measure well before moving time so that you can find a solution as navigating heavy appliances throughout a home is very difficult and if it doesn’t fit at the last minute, it can be frustrating.

In the end, use a dolly to move the refrigerator from your home to the truck. Use straps to secure the fridge on the dolly and make sure the fridge sits in the upright position. Also, cover the fridge with a heavy blanket after placing it in the truck to keep it safe from any scratches. 

When moving to a new house, you will have to work on a lot of important aspects of relocation. Moving the refrigerator and similar appliances is one of such key tasks. Make sure you partner with a credible moving company and enjoy your moving process to the core.

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