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[Promo Code!] HACK IT: Seafood-In-A-Pack by JUMBO Group of Restaurants

Come 3 December, be prepared to have a wild, playful and carefree mealtime with the debut of HACK ITa no dine-in, virtual concept delivering affordable, high quality live and fresh seafood cooked in mouth-watering, bombastic Southeast Asian sauces. Pre-orders has started!

Quality and wallet-friendly seafood meal at home

HACK IT aims to fill a gap in the market to offer a satisfying yet wallet-friendly seafood meal delivery option, without compromising on taste and quality. Doing away with the fuss of dining out – no service charge, no queues, no need to travel out, HACK IT provides the perfect option for a safe and fun-filled seafood feast daily from 12:00pm – 3:00pm and 6:00pm – 10:00pm.

Go ahead, dig in, make a mess. Clearing up is no sweat!

Get ready for mealtime by protecting your dining table with the HACK IT table cover and armour up with HACK IT bibs and gloves! Scan QR code for HACK IT music playlist. Groove with the music! Pour your favourite seafood onto the table to start the feast!

We tried the Crab in a Pack (Mala) with Garlic Fried Rice ($66). Suffice to say, it was Shiok.

Pick from four curated specialty packs from $42:

‘Xiao Long Xia’ In A Pack ($42)

Includes: ‘Xiao Long Xia’ (500g), Clams (100g), Mussels (100g), Prawns (200g) and Pearl Corn (100g).

Crab In A Pack ($66)

Includes: Live Mud Crab (600g), Clams (100g), Mussels (100g), Live Prawns (200g) and Pearl Corn (100g)

Lobster In A Pack ($66)

Includes: Live Boston Lobster (500g), Clams (100g), Mussels (100g), Live Prawns (200g) and Pearl Corn (100g).

Deluxe Seafood Pack ($108)

Includes: Live Mud Crab (600g), Live Boston Lobster (500g), Clams (100g), Mussels (100g), Live Prawns (200g) and Pearl Corn (100g).

Choose your sauce

Then, select your favourite sauces, ranging from the spiciness of chilli and black pepper to the decadence of creamy butter. Rather than tossing sauce over boiled seafood, HACK IT’s Seafood Packs are extra flavourful as the seafood is wok-fried with the sauce!

Complete your meal with yummy sides

Complete your Hack It experience by choosing from Besides the seafood packs, you can choose from a wide selection of salad/ soup and sides as well. Do try the very unique Sotong Dough Fritters ($9.80)!

Launch promo

Enjoy FREE islandwide delivery with a minimum spend of $50. Valid till 31 December 2020.

HACK IT officially launches on 3 December 2020, with pre-orders starting on 23 November 2020 on order.hackitseafood.com.sg!

Promo code

Use code HACKITXALVINOLOGY at checkout to get a complimentary HACK IT’s Signature Salad ($12) and Yuan Yang Fries ($10) with purchase of 1 Seafood Pack (valid til 20 December 2020).

Check out the full HACK IT menu here!

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