Footage of a cat being escorted off a high-speed train in Inner Mongolia, China, has amused Chinese netizens on social media.   

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The train attendant held the cat upright by its front legs, and gently but firmly tottered the cat off the train. Kudos to the train attendant for being really gentle with the cat! This is great to see, especially after recent horrifying news from the country regarding its callous treatment of animals.

Netizens jokingly lamented that the feline had successfully sneaked pass security to board the train, only to be foiled at the end.

Let’s wait and see if this cat will try to board the train again. After all, cats be peculiarly persistent creatures. Remember how two cats in Japan tried to enter a museum for two years??

via Guardian

Last we heard, one of the cats, Go-Chan, had found a fur-ever home.

Let’s all extend kindness to all animals, and make this world a little more purr-fect.